8U (2011-), Audi, Q3/RS Q3

Audi RMC CarPlay Box installation installation in Q3

Installation of Carplay Box solution from CarlinKit in Audi Q3 (8U). This vehicle was made in 2012 and was equipped with basic Audi RMC system. At that time there was no CarPlay option and no factory upgrade to get CarPlay onto the navigation display. Today I’m installing aftermarket solution that brings wireless CarPlay, AndroidAuto, USB playback, and more to the factory screen.


  • CarlinKit CarPlay Box kit (link here)
  • Prying tools
  • Set of torx drivers
  • Radio removal tools


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage


  1. Use radio removal tools to remove the main unit. Disconnect quadlock, MOST, display, and radio antenna.
  2. Use hook to pull down Climatronic unit, to replace it from locks.
  3. Remove 6 torx screws that hold the glovebox.
  4. Pry two locks at the top edge of the glovebox.
  5. Disconnect air duct at the back of the glovebox.
  6. Remove 4 torx screws from the top of the main unit, remove top cover.
  7. Remove 2 torx screws that hold CD drive in place, remove CD drive, watch out for the flex cable that connects it to the main board.
  8. Remove 2 torx screws that hold the main board, replace them with threaded pins.
  9. Disconnect flex cable that connect key panel to the main board.
  10. Connect key panel to the provided button board.
  11. Connect main board to the provided button board.
  12. Mount the button board on the threaded pins.
  13. Mount communication board to the back of the main unit.
  14. Use flex cable to connect button board with communication board.
  15. Guide wiring harness under the dashboard.
  16. Connect wiring harness with Climatronic connector, quadlock connector, module behind the glovebox.
  17. Connect wiring harness with the communication board at the back of the main unit.
  18. Connect display cable with both main unit and original display wiring.
  19. Reconnect main unit with wiring harness.
  20. Connect CarPlay Box with wiring harness and WiFi antenna.
  21. Turn the ignition on, wait for the system to start (up to 1 minute), press and hold NAV button and wait for the CarPlay Box interface to appear on the Audi RMC display.
  22. Confirm that all functions are working correctly and assemble cars interior.

Tech specs

  • Wireless CarPlay
  • Wired Android Auto
  • AirPlay screen mirroring
  • USB media playback
  • 2x parking camera input (back + front)
  • HDMI video input
  • Full intergration with factory display and controls