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Audi RNS-E hidden menu (engineering mode)

Enter Audi Navigation Plus RNS-E hidden menu (also called engineering mode) and perform unit tests, diagnostic data, take screenshots to SD card.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


Make sure that your car is equipped with RNS-E system. Check this article: Audi navigation systems – MMI RNS BNS RMC differences.

RNS-E hidden menu access procedure

  1. Turn the key to II position and wait for the RNS-E system to start.
  2. Press and hold VOLUME/POWER knob to turn off the system.
  3. Turn on the system again.
  4. Press NAV button.
  5. Press and hold upper-left soft button for 5 seconds.
  6. Press and hold upper-right soft button. After few seconds RNS-E hidden menu will appear.
  7. Release the button.

RNS-E hidden menu structure

  • General
    • Version
    • Coding
    • Color bars
    • SDS
      • SK is used as PTT
      • DDS TOOL mode
      • SD writable
      • SDS version
      • Flash FileSystem clear
    • Screenshot mode
  • LOG
    • Nav data log output
    • Loc. sensor logging
  • NAV
    • Nav sensor info
    • Location info
    • GPS signal info
  • TMC
    • TMC tuner info
    • TMC debug
  • Audio/Tuner
    • Radio testmenu1
    • Radio testmenu2
    • Radio testmenu3

19 thoughts on “Audi RNS-E hidden menu (engineering mode)

  • Hi, I have a lambo gallardo and would like to enavle the navigation service. Can I follow the steps to enable it. If not, how can I do it? Thanks

    • In RNS-E navigation should work be enabled in device as it is. Just insert navigation map DVD to the drive behind the screen.

  • Hiya fitted one of these to my 57 plate S3 added ami unit but headunit doesn’t recognise it only shows it as a aux please help do I need to use VCDS or is it in hidden setting followed by reset

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  • If a change the dvd boot and he ask for the code but the code is correct
    He d’ont start up can i change this in this menu ? Or is this an other problem ?

  • My dog managed to get car in this mode stepping on the buttons. How do I get it/exit?

    • turn the ignition off.
      how did you dog managed to step on vertical surface?!

  • My radio is intermittent and the Satellite only allows me to listen to the freeview channel (also intermittent).
    The radio will work fine then suddenly progressively lose all presets leaving just static, like the signal goes out. Sometimes if I slide the head unit out it all comes back again but I don’t think its a loose connection. Seems like it is but I’m not sure.
    I read that it might be the trunk lid mounted antenna amplifier so I ordered a new one – any thoughts ?

    • See if you have the same problem on FM go setup/ distant or local, try both. If you still have the same problem it’s likely antenna related.

  • Hi, when i connect obd with my car ( i have audi a4 b7 ) and I want to enter on my navagation, i have an error and don’t let me access. You have an idea why I can’t access? Thanks

  • Hi ! Im struggling with an RNSE code for my radio. Got it from another to my S3 8P but cant get the code even by the serial number method im not winning. Can you guys help

  • Hi have the rsn in my 07 A4 and the sound keeps cutting out, can this be fixed with the engineering mode?

  • hi, great work you are doing for the community, is there any change you can tell me how to update the RSN_E, mine is on 550 atm, want higher version, audi charging 550 euro :(
    Thank you so much.

  • The RNS-E in my 2007 A4 does not show the Coding or SDS submenus under General. Is there something special needed for those? It’s a bummer, as I’m trying to figure out why my CD changer is no longer recognized after the dealer replaced the passenger airbag.

    My RNS-E software was updated to whatever came with the 2013/2014 map discs.

  • Anyone know why changes made in engineering mode won’t save?
    Basically just wanted to to 3 things.
    Turn off auto volume level – worked.
    Set EQ to 2 for a little more mid and low – won’t save.
    Set Seek/Scan or maybe somewhere else I need to go. I want to set an unused FM station but not a single menu I could find would let you tune by .1, it just seeks/scans

  • In a4 b7 navigation and parktronic controllers are in another network, you need to change 2 wires in obd connector. Check obd conector pinouts for b7.

  • My RNS E unit works perfectly apart from the screen opens and closes on unlocking the car. When I press the screen open display button to remove the DVD or SD card, it opens then immediately closes. Any ideas?

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