A6/S6/RS6, Audi, C6 (2004-2011)

Interesting VCDS coding Audi A6 C6 (2004-2011)

Here’s a list of interesting VCDS coding and adaptation procedures for Audi A6 C6 (2004-2011). Use your diagnostic interface to activate features.


  • Diagnostic interface like VCDS, VAG-COM, VAS or any other that’s capable of performing coding and adaptation procedures.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Interesting VCDS coding Audi A6 C6

Enable MMI green hidden menu

MMI 2G: 07-Control Head10-Adaptation → Channel: 8 → new value: 1
MMI 3G: 5F-Control Head10-Adaptation → Channel: 6 → new value: 1

MMI welcome screen change

MMI 2G: 07-Control Head07-Coding → change xx0xxxx to value from 1 to 4
MMI 3G: with hidden green menu

Needle sweep / Gauge test / Welcome ceremony

Long coding:17–Instrument Cluster07-Coding → Byte: 01 → Bit: 00Enable

Laptimer, boost gauge, oil temp.

17–Instrument Cluster07-Coding → Byte: 01 → Bit: 03Enable

Navigation DVD eject lock

37-Navigation10-Adaptation → Channel: 68 → New value: 1

Automatic rear wiper (avant only)

09–Cental Electronics10-Adaptation → Channel :16 → New value: 1

MMI 2G convenience source switching

07-Control head10-Adaptation → Channel: 11+4 to original value

Tilting mirror on reverse

Standard coding: 52-Door Electr. Pass.07-Coding+128 to original coding
Long coding: 52-Door Electr. Pass.07-Coding → Byte: 4 → Bit: 3Enable

Disable seat belt warning

Standard coding: 17-Instrument Cluster07-Coding → 00xxx01
Long coding: 17-Instrument Cluster07-Coding → Bite: 0 → Bits: 2, 3, 4Disable

Opening and closing windows with remote

46-Comfort System10-Adaptation → Channel: 61+15 to original value

Coming soon: DRL settings

Coming soon: Selective central locking

Coming soon: Blinking emergency brake

Coming soon: Central locking confirmations

Coming soon: Audi Parking System speed threshold

Coming soon: Service Inspection reset

25 thoughts on “Interesting VCDS coding Audi A6 C6 (2004-2011)

  • Hi, I have a A6 avant 2006, I would like to close the mirrors when I park, and also put the parking brake automatically this can be possible?

    • In MMI 3G for sure, in MMI 2G cars not always. Depends on the drivers and passengers door modules. Your car is 2006, so it most likely needs replacing both door modules to activate that feature.

  • hi mate,

    audi C6 2006 , I have two questions.

    1. I know it is probably not possible but can I enable the Needle sweep / Gauge test / Welcome ceremony on it?
    2. Is there anyway I can tilt the mirros when I lock the car, not to have to turn the knob manually?


    • 1. not without replacing the instrument cluster
      2. not without replacing comfort module and/or door modules

  • I have added dab tuner to my audi A8D3 mmi 2g software 5570 but the can gateway shows afault code saying module incorrectly coded. Please tell me how to solve this issue
    Many thanks

    • Also the dab tuner has no sound but i can see all the stations listedon the mmi. Do i need to code the amplifier

  • Hi i got audi a6 c6 2006 i have problems with dual climate control buttons they oposite how its should be. I turn heating on driver side but it blows air into passenger side and its shows on the screen as well.

    • most likely you have to check climate control coding if the LHD/RHD settings is correct.

  • any updates on the service inspection reset? I can see it in the hidden menu but nothing happens.

  • Hi, i have an Audi A6 2009, can I enable cornering fog lights just like in Audi A4 b8?

  • HELLO,i TRY TO HIDDEN MENU OPEN MIRROR ,When I lock the car does not automatically turn off or steel, the need vcds fit? THANKS

  • Hello,
    I have an Audi A6 07/2007
    I would like to change the control module to activate mirror tilt.
    Do I have to adapt or code it or simple mount the new control module and then activate that future ?

    • If you have electric mirrors you just need to code that feature.
      Remember that the adjustment knob needs to be in passengers mirror position.

  • Hi Mr. Fix!

    I have an Audi A6 C6 2011 Model.
    Have few questions about updating MMI ver/software.
    Also, Enabling the Hidden Green Menu.
    Since, I realise you’re from Poland. Do you have any place you have a workshop/operate from?
    I’m based in Warsaw.

  • Hello,
    I have Audi A6 C6 2011. It has MMI 3G High (with joystick). I am wondering if there is any volume adjustment, I mean if I can adjust how much volume to be increased or decreased with one click as my current step (1 click) is too strong or too weak. I would like to lower down sensitivity.

  • Hi to whom it may concern I email you earlier about audi a6 c6 4f year 2010 I brought the vcds lite cable and dics but it’s saying it’s not compatible for the 4f it’s not on it do you know were I can go about this or to get a vcds dics for 4f thanks

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