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Enable MMI hidden green menu (2G, 3G, 3G+)

Audi MMI hidden green menu gives you access to lots of interesting settings, features and diagnostic data. You can customize lots of user interface details and enable some optional features.

2G 3G MMI hidden green menu


  • Diagnostic interface like OBDeleven, VCDS, VAG-COM, VAS or any other that’s capable of performing coding and adaptation procedures.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


Enabling MMI hidden green menu in 2G system

Please make sure that your Audi Multi Media Interface software version is up to date. In some older versions you won’t have access to hidden green menu or it will have less options then described. Read article MMI 2G software update to version 5570.

  1. Connect with module 07 – Control Head.
  2. Choose procedure 10 – Adaptation.
  3. Choose Channel 8.
  4. Read stored value. By default it should be 0.
  5. Change value to 1 and save it.
  6. Read stored value. Now it should be 1.
  7. Exit.

Enabling MMI hidden green menu in 3G and 3G+ systems

  1. Connect with module 5F – Control Head.
  2. Choose procedure 10 – Adaptation.
  3. Choose Channel 6.
  4. Read stored value. By default it should be 0.
  5. Change value to 1 and save it.
  6. Read stored value. Now it should be 1.
  7. Exit.

Changes will be visible next time you turn on MMI 3G system. You can do that immediately by pressing system reset key combination. Check the article Audi MMI force restart (2G, 3G, 3G+).

Access MMI hidden green menu

Press and hold together button: SETUP & CAR (or MENU & CAR).

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  • I’m trying to perform this function using a bluetooth obdII and an OBD terminal app on my android. All the terminal let’s me do is input commands. Would you happen to know what command I can type to achieve this, or if there’s a Android app that provides an interface like the one in the video?

    • You are most likely using a universal OBD2 interface (ELM327). Those devices are able to connect only with the ECU module to read error codes, reset engine indicator and view some engine parameters.
      To perform this procedure you need a interface that communicates in CAN standard.

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  • Hi, I have Audi a6 2009 with 3g system, have enabled channel 6 and restarted mmi but still cannot access hidden menu, any advise please.

  • Hi Mr Fix, I’ve got teh software which is VCDS and I bought a cable too, however, I’m not getting any connection between the car and the laptop. Does it need to be a genuine Ross Tech cable or are there ways around this? My car is an Audi A6 C6 2008 2.0 TDi.

  • Hi Mr fix,
    just wondering if you can share the VCDS or the VAG-COM software like you kindly shared the MMI update CDs and the NAV DVDs.
    would be really grateful.

    • If you’re asking me to upload VCDS software then sorry, but it can not be done. You need to buy it form Ross-Tech.

  • I tried enabling my green menu in a 2016 Audi A6 and doesn’t seem to work. I followed the steps and
    1.Connect with module 5F – Control Head.
    2.Choose procedure 10 – Adaptation.
    3.Choose Channel 6.
    4.Read stored value. By default it should be 0. This is where my problem is. The default number is NOT 0. It’s ( -128 ). I went ahead and changed to 1 but nothing happens. I can’t get into the green menu.

  • Yes I get -128. That seems to be the default value in all other channels I read. I will provide you screenshots if you wanna take a look.

    • Adaptation channels should not be lower than 0. Please check you VCDS interface with different car or check your car with different interface.

  • I have audi A3 Cabriolet and it doesn’t have Setup or Car buttons. How can i access the hidden menu?

    • Depending on your cars made year you can have older RNS-E system, newer Audi Concert. This post refers to MMI system.

  • Just changed the 0 into a 1 (Audi A6 2005 mmi 2g) and pressed car + setup button at the same time…. But no hidden green menu pops up :-\

  • I follow the instructions and change channel 6 from 0 to 1 but once I read it again its back to 0 – I have attempted to launch the hidden menu and nothing so the mod in VCDS is not working for me.

    • I have exactly the same problem: I’m able to establish the connection normally with VCDS and I have already coded few features. Everything seems to be working normally, but why am I not able to enable the access to hidden menu? I have tried with the procedure mentioned here.

      When I scroll to channel 6, by default it shows the value 0. Read –button is grey, so I can’t push it. I can change the value to 1, press test and save. After this the read –button works, but zero remains as a stored value. What could be the problem?

      I have the latest VCDS software, original RossTech -cable and my car is Audi A6 C7.

  • The reason was that my Audi has MMI 3G RMC (low). You have to change channel 5.

    Press Car and the press Menu, and keep them hold until the Menu appears.

    Next problem is that I want to activate the ambient light adjustments, but the hidden menu is different in that MMI and I haven’t been able to find ”car” or “cardevicelist” from there. Any ideas?

  • Hi- I’ve a 2010 Audi A6 3G MMI system.
    When I attempt to change the 0 to 1- issue- all of the settings are at -112- and its not saving a change to 1. I’ve tried a few times now- to no avail. Is there any way around this?


  • Hello mr. Fix I’m trying to open green menu in my mmi 2g (a6 avant). Setup first then car button but no menu. What I’m I doing wrong? By the way I have no AMI and no extra connections in the glovebox or handrest. Can I still retrofit bluetooth fir musicstreaming? I do have bluetooth for phone.

    • If menu does not appear, you need to enable it first with diagnostic interface.
      There’s no easy way for bluetooth music streaming in MMI 2G.

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  • Hi,

    I just got a RossTech VCDS and decided to start on my Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDIe early 2009 to unlock the MMI 2G (?) hidden menu. When I checked the software version it was different to your list. It is BBT_EU_K0029_1_D1 I did not proceed further until I clarify.
    I appreciate any advice !!

  • Hi There,

    I can’t figure the MMI version from it however I am still working that it is a 2G.

    I have checked the MMI software version which is SW Ver BBT_EU_K0029_1_D1.

    Many thanks for any views on a simple AUX In install.

    • Thank you very much for clarifying that for me. All I am trying achieve is a quality Aux In port. I have no CD changer and no Navi or TV, reverse camera etc. Bare basic specification. Is there any solution at all without going expensive AMI retrofit or Dension etc etc ? Many Thanks

  • Hi Mr Fix
    i got 2006 q7, but i try to press setup and car together it wont do anything,
    SW:AU-HU 28.6.0 0620

    • Update your MMI software, make sure that hidden menu is enabled with diagnostic interface, make sure to press buttons in correct order.

  • Hi, it’s Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDIe S Line early 2009 manufacture. UK specification from 2008 Audi A6 brochure. Just model year before they included the specification of CD changer in the S Line. So very basic. It has DSP but no Bose or any other upgrades etc. As you have now explained it is an MMI 3G Basic. Many Thanks.

    • Albert! I Just review your software versos (BBT_EU_K0029_1_D1) and it’s not MMI 3G basic. It’s MMI Radio. Sorry for the confusion. We don’t have experience with that system yet…

  • Hi, I may have found a solution which if successful I will share. A key to the solution is to enable/activate the CD Changer (even though I don’t have one in my car). I have a Rosstech VCDS. I would greatly appreciate if you could give guidance on how to activate the CD Changer in the system. Many Thanks, Albert.

    • Hi, I may have found a solution which if successful I will share. A key to the solution is to enable/activate the CD Changer (even though I don’t have one in my car). I have a Rosstech VCDS. I would greatly appreciate if you could give guidance on how to activate the CD Changer in the system. Many Thanks, Albert.

  • Hi, do you know if i can aktivate the oil temp and boost meter in the green menu? :) got an a6 c7 mmi 3g +

    • you can’t. Hidden green menu only effects MMI system.
      Oil temp, boost gauge and other functions of instrument cluster are coded into instrument cluster.

  • I have a 2016 A4 B8.5, two things…..
    Does/should my car have MMI 3G or 3G+ radio in it?
    Is it possible to change splash screen on the 3G+ MMI unit?
    I’ve tried to the the A4 screen to the S-line screen with no success :(

    • 2016 is B9 platform. B8 (facelift) ended in 2015.
      It can have 3G or 3G+, depends on the equipment variant.

  • Hi,
    I have followed the instruction to enable the hidden menu on my 2012 A6 c7, but it will not save the settings. I go into:
    5f – information electric
    10 – adaptation
    select channel 6 and change value from 0 to 1
    test then save
    reboot MMI by holding down the menu > middle confirmation button > top right soft key as instructed.
    the mmi goes off and appears to reboot
    press and hold car + menu ( making sure neither light comes on on either button) but nothing happens.
    go back into vag com and the value I set to 1 is showing as 0

  • My 2016 q3 splash screen goes blank when I turn the power off to the radio , but on my 2014 S4 it goes to the welcome screen ? How do I change it so the welcome screen is shown when the power is off to the display screen and I can’t get my Q3 to the hidden menu ??

  • I have a 2013 S7 and have accessed the hidden menu. I tried the mod that allows you to raise (set to 5) the car when driving but once I get over 45 mph the car still automatically lowers. I believe the range was 0-10. Do you have experience with this?

    • In hidden menu you can only unlock the raise “button” but the restriction is still present in suspension module.

  • Hi
    Can I access the ‘green’ menu just by holding down ‘menu’ (don’t have ‘setup’) and ‘car’.
    I don’t have the cable that you’re talking about?
    I’ve tried holding down both buttons at the same time but it doesn’t seem to do anything? Is there a certain order or do I need the cable first.
    Sorry only had the car 24hrs so have no idea what I’m doing?
    Oh and by the way the car is a UK A4 Allroad Quattro on a 63 plate (2013).
    Thanks, Martin

  • good morning, I have an Audi A6 Avant 2012 with MMI plus 3Gs, leaves no access me to GREEN MENU, pulse contact on the CAR + MENU keys (leaving pressed both) and not access this menu, can you help me please? Thank you

  • what is the f5 control head. I have a foxwell nt510 and it has the names of the control heads and not the hexadecimal number

  • I can not do the hidden menu – this is my second A6 to try it on and can’t

    I have tried Menu the Car =, Car then Menu, Both at the same time etc

    I have enabled using VCDS just to confirm

    • when enabled you don’t need to go to SOURCE submenu to choose audio input. Just press AM/FM or MEDIA button to browse through available sources.

    • If you have MMI 3G, then it should work. Try contacting Carista developers to confirm that in fact this option works in this car.

  • can somebody tell me what exactly means all that thinks on green menu mmi2g ?
    i just make some changes on my audi a6 , with vag com and green menu ,and now i have these probs:
    -doesnt want to unlock using remote key , only from door lock manual , after this is working from remote
    after 5 minutes or more i have to unlock manual …then is working again
    -inside lights working only if i turn the ignition ON
    -all radio ,gps ..etc . working only with ignition on ..
    if i switch of these , will stop
    what ive done wrong

    • It seems like you changed coding of some modules. Please go back to the original coding or recode the whole car according to your optional equipment and region.

  • Hi. I just bought UK version Audi A6 S-line 2016. I would like to get acces to green menu to enable few options as automatic folding mirrors and unlocking central lock by one click. It shows that my MMI software is RMC_EU_P16092 but I’m not sure what MMI kind I have. I do not have SETUP button. Many thanks for advice.

    • Features that you mentioned can be activated with diagnostic interface, not with hidden menu.

  • Q7 2008 TDI –

    i) How to check MMI2G or MMI 3G in my car
    ii) I have tried press set up and CAR- no hidden screen show up.

    Any tips?

    • If you browse through the Audi Q7 tutorials on this website, you’ll find answers to all you questions.

  • Hiello guys, is it possible for VIM be enabled through the hidden green Menu? Or do you need VAG for this?

    • You need VCDS for this. Because channel that needs to be changed is password protected.

  • Thanks for all the great tips. I don’t have a SETUP button in my 2014 Q7 (US). I have a MENU button. I tried using that, but no green menu. I don’t think it’s enabled. I don’t have the VCDS capabilities or equipment. Do you think my repair shop (not Audi shop) can do this for me?

    • 2014 cars most likely have 3G+ system, where you should use CAR and MENU buttons.
      Any shop with proper tools should do it.

  • Hi, I have tried with VCDS and Vag-com to enable green menu on an Audi a6 2008, 2.0 tdl, both programs see the cable at test, but when I go on any codes it give me the message: no response from controller. cable is KKL VAG-COM for 409.1, and I installed the vag-com progrm that came with cable. The VCDS I downloaded from ross-tech . What can do?
    Thank you!

    • KKL standard is old and not used in A6 C6. You’ll need HEX-CAN software AND hardware.

  • I been thru all this hreen menu thing and i regret for not takeing pics at every window i opened now i fixed few things and screw a whole lot more.is there a way to reset greeen menu settinhs at its original .i jave 2010 q7 tdi

  • HI,
    in my 2009 audi A4 with MMI2 I’ve made all the changes with VCDS you recommend.
    In channel 8 stored value 1. Now it should be 1.
    But I still do not have access to green menu.
    My Audi with Bang & Olufsen audio
    Maybe not everyone has the MMI engineering mode?

  • Hello my VIN is Wauefgff1f1020833 can you tell me from this if this 2015 Audi A3 has the option to have the folding mirrors when I lock the car.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello my VIN # is Wauefgff1f1020833. Can you help me determine if my car is equipped with folding mirrors


  • Mr fix i have open the green menue forgot to take a pic and i played with coding a little too much..lucky still everything works. Is it possible to get rid of freen menu lock it how it was before.. would eveeything go back to how it was.

  • Hi, i’ve got a 2010 Q5 S-Line and with vcds i dont have acces to module 5F,is there a reason why, thanks

  • In my audi a6 2.7 2008 it shows that “No further settings avaible” and the green menu doesnt appear , how do I activate them?

  • Hello, I have a 2010 A6 with 3G MMI with setup and car buttons.. pressed in proper sequence and will not illuminate the green screen.. I just want to activate the AUX feature in the system so I can play music from my phone through Bluetooth. Already have Bluetooth adapter attached to AUX/IPOD cable which is set up with my phone.. vehicle is equipped with 6 CD changed and DVD player.. do I need to activate the system first and how?
    Your help would be appreciated.. thank you

  • I have a 2013 Q7 with 3G system, do you know why the system won’t show the battery, oil meter or folding mirror options in my MMI after I enable these options? I did restart the car but no update to my MMI options…

  • Hi. I have a 2009 Audi Avant 3.0 TFSI S with MMI 3G High. I can’t access the hidden green menu. Can you tell me what I need to do to turn it on please? Thanks. Laudi65

  • Is there a Green Menu enable and access procedure for the 2018 MMI’s yet? They are 4G’s are they not? I have an SQ5 Prestige if it matters. Thx!

  • Hi, thanks for all the tips you have provided, they all were very usefull. I have a question related with mirror folding on Audi Q7 2012. I have selected mirror option on the green system screen however when I open central locking on MMI there is no option for mirror folding. Any suggestions?

  • Help me, i have a Audi A1 whit mmi.
    and a screen on the dashboard,
    the red screen (Car-back) just works.
    only the green screen is not,
    the car is from 2011,
    software version rmc_eu_k11240.
    I can not find VCDS, 07 Control Head, nor 5F Control Head.
    these are not recognized in vcds what now?

  • audi a8 4h: Hello yes, have problems with lights Matrix dipped beam and main beam automatic do not work know anyone who can help me

  • Trying to figure out which mmi I have. It’s a 2010 Q7 S line. Has a CD changer in the Center console.

  • hi can i download vcds on android because i don’t have windows ? please send me link

  • Hi, The SW in MMI is RMC_EU_P11096, car 2012 Audi Q3. Trying with geniune VCDS, just bought directly from Ros tech. It does not find the device 5F, what I am doing wrong?

  • Hi, The SW in MMI is RMC_EU_P11096, car 2012 Audi Q3. Trying with geniune VCDS, just bought directly from Ros tech. It does not find the device 5F, what I am doing wrong?

  • Hi,
    I have a 2014 Q5 from Japan . MMI software version is HN+_JP_AU3G_PO292. I need to change the FM Band from 70MHz – 90MHz (Japan) to 88MHz – 108MHz (US). Where do I find the switch in MMI 3G hidden green menu to do this?
    Thank you.

  • My car is Audi A4L(made in 2018). I can find the Menu button, but I cannot find the CAR button. Any tips? Thanks!

  • Hi I Audi A6 tdi saloon. 2006 I have problems with MMI control unit
    I wont to know if you can repair or if I bay anther one if you can do code and how much
    Thank you

  • Hi I Audi A6 tdi saloon. 2006 I have problems with MMI control unit
    I wont to know if you can repair or if I bay anther one if you can do code and how much
    Thank you

  • Hi
    I just purchased a Audi RS Q3 2016, i have tried to go into the green menu for the car by using the method Menu + Car pressed together but thing appears to be happening.

    Can someone please advise as I would like to change the way the side mirrors act when the car is locked they should fold and when the car is open I would like them to open.

    If anyone can help I be greatly appreciative

  • Good day, I’m not sure if you’re still answering, but if so, hoping you can help. I have a 2008 A5 3.2 Quattro, fully loaded. I’m trying to connect an Echo Auto, to listen to Spotify via bluetooth, through my car speakers. Once connected, the music still only goes through my phone. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi have an Audi A6 2004 4.2quattro cant access green menu cant connect to Bluetooth. Have got Ross Tech cable. Any idea of what I need to do it also has a security pin which I don’t have can this be accessed through cable.

  • Hi
    i have a map crash by update
    Is it possible to install map 2019 with the green menu ?
    Thank you

  • Hi Mr Fix ,
    I just bought an Audi A7 3.0 tdi 205 bhp quattro. Uk speck I think it’s mmi 3G It has 2 sd cards and a SIM card slot and cd also. My phone connects via Bluetooth automatically but I was thinking of using a data only sim for the google maps function however when I do the phone is rejected and won’t connect to the car. Is there anyway around this or other goodies I could activate while I’m at it. Thanks in advance. An email how to access would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes.

  • Hi I just ordered the new version 2 the latest from ODBEleven Bluetooth and got a killer deal on it with 1000 credits for less than 100$ for black Friday. My question is do you know if I am able to access these green menus through my ODBEleven? I saw your answer to someone at the top but they were using a generic ODB2 tool. Thanks in advance

  • On 2010 Audi A8 D4 with very early firmware (P0065) I had to use TONE + CAR to get to the green menu. MENU + CAR did not work at all.

  • Hi
    I have got Audi A6 2009 with BNav_EU_K0206_2_D1
    I did press setup and car same time but green menu didn’t come
    What should I do please?

  • Hi mr fix,
    I had enabled the hidden menu from vcds but I can’t access the vehicle menu in it. I can enter all the other menus but not this one. Any idea why ? Its an 2008 s5 with mmi 2g. Thank you

  • Hi, have enabled the dev (green) menu via ODBEleven, but how do i then enter the menu – i don’t have a car button. S3 8v MY 2015 PFL. MMI 3G+

    Have menu, back, the 4 silver buttons around the dial, and the nav/phone/media/radio selectors

  • Hello I’ve got a audi q5 2014 and it won’t work to bring up the green menu im pushing the menu and car button together but nothing is happening ive got a 3n+ version

  • Hello, I have a US-spec 2019 Audi RS 3 and here in North America, the retractable screen is always in the up position whenever the car is running. I was wondering if I could use the green menu to change this. I would like my screen to retract into the dash—even while the ignition is on, if I press the button for raising or lowering the screen. This is how any RoW spec 8V A3 operates but in NA, the button only turns the screen on/off leaving it raised the whole time until the engine is shut off. I have VCDS but couldn’t find any adaptation or long-coding in module 5F to change this setting. Could it be a setting in the firmware for the screen mechanism, how do I change that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Love your channel and thank you for all the useful tips you provide!

  • Hi MR-FIX,
    I have a 2010 A5 cabrio and it has no MMI.

    Can i still use the VAG-coding to enable the hidden menu as it doesn’t appear when CAR+SETUP.


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