Corsa, D (2006-2014), Opel/Vauxhall/Holden

Opel Corsa D inspection reset

Opel/Vauxhall Corsa D inspection reset (InSP message service reminder) after replacing oil, changing oil & filters, inspecting safety systems. Clear maintenance message without diagnostic tools or visiting your car dealer.


Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Opel Corsa D inspection reset – procedure

  1. Press and hold brake pedal (some Opel model require this step, but it is possible to perform this procedure without pressing brake pedal).
  2. Press trip reset button once to wake up the LCD screen in the instrument cluster.
  3. Press and hold trip reset button.
  4. Turn the ignition on and continue holding the button. LCD screen will flash the “InSP” message couple times, then instead of “InSP” you’ll see “—-“.
  5. Release the button./li>
  6. Turn the ignition off.
  7. Turn the ignition back on and make sure that the “InSP” service reminder message is gone.

7 thoughts on “Opel Corsa D inspection reset

  • Hi I have tried all the steps mention to rest the INSP light but it does not go away, what could be cause for that.

    • Same here, the insp just stops flashing no – – – – which I should get apparently

  • Please help me to change the odometer from miles to kilometers on a similar Chev 1.4 ldv.
    Thank you, kind regards.

  • Worked for me on 2nd attempt. Seems you have to press trip once then release to wake then press and hold again as you turn the ignition on. Thanks for the fix, that insp has been bugging me forever lol

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