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Audi A4 B6/B7, Seat Exeo service reset

A4/S4/RS4, Audi, B6 (2000-2004), B7 (2004-2007), Exeo, Seat
How to reset service reminder in Audi A4 B6, Audi A4 B7 and Seat Exeo. The procedure is simple and does not require using any special tools or diagnostic interface like VCDS, VAG-COM, VAS. After you replace oil & filters, and inspect all safety systems in your car, you can clear maintenance message and reset service countdown yourself with a help from this DIY tutorial. This procedure works in Audi A4 B6, Audi A4 B7 and Seat Exeo – since all those cars are using the same instrument cluster. Continue reading …

BMW CC-ID codes fault and warning messages

1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, BMW, E60 E61 (2003-2010), E63 E64 (2003–2010), E81 E82 E87 E88 (2004-2014), E90 E91 E92 E93 (2005-2012), X Series, X5 E70 (2006 - 2013)

Accessing BMW CC-ID codes will give you addition information about your cars condition and can help you with troubleshooting some errors and faults. You can determinate which bulb is burned, which wheel is reporting low air pressure, why Dynamic Cruise Control is not working, AdBlue state and many more.
You don’t need any tools or interface to access those diagnostic codes. Follow this procedure to see hidden messages in CHECK menu.

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EGR valve cleaning PSA 2.0 diesel

307, 308, 407, 508, 607, 807, C-Max, C30, C4, C5, C70, C8, Citroën, Expert, Fiat, Focus, Ford, Galaxy, II (2002-2011), II (2004-2012), II (2005-2009), II (2006-), II (2006-), II (2006-), II (2007-), III (2007-), Jumpy / Dispatch, Kuga, Lancia, MK1 (2003-2010), MK2 (2004-2011), MK2 (2006-), MK4 (2007-2014), Mondeo, Peugeot, Phedra, S-Max, S40, S80, Scudo, Ulysse, V50, V70/XC70, Volvo

EGR valve in 2.0HDi (Peugeot Citroen), 2.0TDCi (Ford) and 2.0D (Volvo) engine is responsible for emission, shorter engine warm up time, smoother turning off and VNT turbocharger spool down on idle. EGR valve cleaning when it’s clogged with soot and can not close as should or even get stuck can help with engine work issues. You should take care of your EGR valve, clean it and don’t blank it.

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Reset Skoda Yeti oil service reminder

Škoda, Yeti

After changing oil and replacing oil filter you can reset Skoda Yeti oil change service reminder yourself. All you need to do is follow this tutorial and perform buttons and ignition combination. You don’t need diagnostic interface like VAG-COM, VCDS or VAS to reset oil service reminder in Skoda Yeti.

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E03: Saving Peugeot JetForce 125 Compressor motorbike


Found an abandoned motorbike (Peugeot JetForce 125 Compressor) with a forced induction (supercharged). Trying to bring it back to life and check how fast is it compared to cars and other scooters. Refilled and charged dead battery, assembled air intake and tried to start it. Also – thank you for 10k subs!

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E02: Quick update on Volvo C30 maintenance and modifications


Replaced parts, modification and maintenance plans update for my Volvo C30. Tutorials about replacing front brake discs, brake pads and bearing coming soon. Also fixing broken windshield, replacing Volvo CCM (climate control module) for C30, S40, V50, C70, testing endoscope camera, planning IoT (ESP 8266) module integration, diagnosing turbocharger issues.

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Mini One Cooper service reset

Mini, Mini One/Cooper, MK1 (2001-2008)

Perform Mini One Cooper service reset. Clear service inspection reminder / maintenance message in your Mini after changing oil and filters, inspection safety systems, brakes, suspension, steering etc.
Follow this tutorial and reset service maintenance message in your car without diagnostic tools or visiting your Mini or BMW dealer.

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Citroen C4 service reminder reset

C4, Citroën

After changing oil and filters in Citroen C4 service reminder reset procedure is needed to remove spanner icon. You can quickly reset maintenance message in your Citroen C4. To do this you don’t need to visit your dealer or even use any diagnostic tools.

Remember to check systems responsible for your safety. Inspect brake fluid, brake pads and disks, tires and rubber joints.

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