Ford, MK4 (2007-2014), Mondeo, S-Max

Hidden menu Ford Mondeo MK4 & S-Max

Hidden menu Ford Mondeo MK4 & Ford S-Max (also called service mode) gives access to tests, DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) and various sensors readouts. You can check battery voltage, coolant temperature, speed, RPMs and more.


This procedure will reset you trip odometer to 0.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Hidden menu Ford Mondeo MK4 & S-Max – procedure

  1. Press and hold OK button on the steering wheel.
  2. Turn the key into II position. On the LCD screen you will see “TEST” message.
  3. Release the OK button.
  4. Use UP and DOWN arrows to browse through the hidden menu.
  5. Turn the key into 0 position to exit the menu.

Hidden menu Ford Mondeo MK4 & S-Max – tests and readouts

  1. Gauge sweep – needles test
  2. Red – LCD test
  3. Green – LCD test
  4. Blue – LCD test
  5. Palette – LCD test
  6. LED test – indicators test
  7. ROM level
  8. NVM target ROM
  9. NVM EEPROM lvl
  10. Manufacture start
  11. Manufacture hours
  12. DTC – Diagnostic Troube Codes
  13. Car speed – Vehicle speed in km/h, mph and gauge position
  14. Engine speed – RPMs and gauge position
  15. Odometer – total distance made by the vehicle
  16. Fuel – fuel level signals
  17. Fuel flow
  18. Temperature – engine temperature and gauge position
  19. Battery – battery voltage
  20. Dist. to empty – estimated distance to empty tank
  21. RAFE – fuel consumption
  22. A/D input 00 – 15
  23. Port A – G

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