5 Series, BMW, E39 (1995-2004)

BMW E39 service reminder reset

Ho to perform BMW E39 service reminder reset (5-Series 1995-2004) after changing oil, filters and inspecting brakes, steering and suspension. Reset procedure is simple, you don’t need diagnostic tools to perform it. Just follow this tutorial and reset service in your BMW car.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

BMW E39 service reminder reset procedure

  1. Put key into ignition.
  2. Press and hold right button on the instrument cluster.
  3. Turn key into I position and wait for the SIA message on the display.
  4. Release the button.
  5. Press and hold left button to enter reseting mode. RESET should start to blink on the display.
  6. Press left button again to confirm reset.
  7. Use right button to navigate to second reminder.
  8. If you wish to reset that reminder, press and hold left button, then confirm with left button single press. If not, use right button to exit the SIA menu.
  9. Turn key to position 0.

6 thoughts on “BMW E39 service reminder reset

  • Hi! When You reseted the oil service indicator there was number (986) what does it mean? Litres of gasoline till next oil change? And the next timer ir days till next service interval? Can we change it?
    Txh for replay!

    • Most likely yes – those are counter of days and liters till next change.
      Without diagnostic interface you can not adjust those values.

  • Hi I have the different cluster than you do you 39 528 I try to figure out how to reset ready BS light and transmission cog I’ve changed wheel speed sensors 04 check brake fluid checked And changed auto trams filter & fluid any auto transmission or abs dsc tricks or advice I could use it thank you in advance.

  • Very interesting, If only it applied to my BMW E39 530D which has a completely different layout to the one you are talking about. I only have one button on the left not two as you mention.
    Help Please, I have no heating it only blows cold so was hoping to get some info from the OBC.
    Kind Regards Cliff

  • hello, you wrote: ” Press and hold right button on the instrument cluster.”
    in video:
    Press and hold left button on the instrument cluster.
    How is it right?

  • instrument cluster pixels were bad i went to junk yard got a different one,my car has 112,000 this new cluster has 200000 is their a way of changing that back

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