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BMW F01 F02 hidden menu diagnostic mode

7 Series, BMW, F01 F02 (2008-2015)

7-Series BMW F01 F02 hidden menu lets you check diagnostic data in your car. You don’t need diagnostic interface to view DTC trouble codes, check live data from sensors, check battery voltage, oil and coolant temperature, perform instrument cluster test with needle sweep and LCD diagnostic mode, check warning chimes, also adjust trip computer fuel economy correction. Access to this diagnostic mode can be handy if you have trouble with your car and no access to diagnostic interface.

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Ford Focus MK3 hidden menu

Focus, Ford, MK3 (2010-)

Ford Focus MK3 hidden menu lets you perform various diagnostic tests: needle sweep, LCD segments, indicators, sound chimes. You can read DTC error codes and view engine live data like speed, RPMs, battery voltage, coolant temperature, fuel level and fuel flow. Accessing instrument cluster hidden service menu is useful when diagnosing faults in your car without access to advanced tools or OBD2 scanners.

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Disable seat belt chime Ford Mondeo MK4

Ford, MK4 (2007-2014), Mondeo

You can disable seat belt chime Ford Mondeo MK4 easily, so you don’t hear the reminder when your seat belt is unbuckled. To deactivate this safety feature you don’t need diagnostic interface or special tools. Just follow this tutorial and turn off seat belt reminder yourself. To activate this safety warning repeat the procedure.

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