OBDeleven for VAG

Interface for diagnostic, repairs, service and modifications in your Audi, VW, Seat, and Škoda.

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Reset Service Reminder

Clear maintenance message after changing oil and filters in your car.

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Hidden Menu

You will be amazed how much you can do in your car.

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Modification guides

Retrofitting and tuning tutorials

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Maintenance and Repairs

Guides for regular maintenance, filters change and engine parts repair.

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Need help with your car?

Reset Service Reminder

After changing oil, filters and inspecting your cars safety systems you can reset service reminder message yourself for free.

Feature Activation

Unlock additional features in your car with hidden menus, retrofitting and activation procedures.

Maintenance and Repair

Guides for popular automotive service and maintenance procedures. Diagnostics, filter change, parts disassembly.

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Audi MMI 4G CarPlay activation with MIB2 K3663 AIO update

Audi MMI MIB2 custom 3663 AIO update with Audi Smartphone Interface

All-In-One update for Audi A6 and A7 with MMI MIB2 systems (MHI2_ER_AUG11 and MHI2_ER_AU57x) which will install latest firmware version (MHI2_ER_AU57x_K3663) and activate ASI (Audi Smartphone Interface) in your vehicle. Installation does not require any diagnostic tools. Just the update package, SD card, and about an hour of your time. When it’s done you will be running latest firmware and have all available features active.

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Top 10 upgrades for Golf MK7

Top 10 upgrades for Golf MK7

10 best upgrades compilation for VW Golf MK7. Stylish new look, new features, better functionality, diagnostic tools for modifications, low price and high value, easy installation, best deals. Links and discount codes below.

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VW Seat Skoda Audi 2023 navigation maps free download

MIB HIGH (MHIG & MHI2) 2023 navigation maps

Free update with 2023 maps for MIB1 High (MHIG) and MIB2 High (MHI2) main units installed in Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen vehicles (Audi Navigation Plus, Seat Navi Plus, Skoda Columbus, VW Discover Pro). Download it, unzip, extract to any SD card or USB flash drive, place it in your car, and trigger maps update.

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