Astra, H (2004-2014), Opel/Vauxhall/Holden

Opel Astra H reset inspection message

After changing oil and filters in Opel Astra H reset inspection from the instrument cluster. You can clear the “InSP” service message without diagnostic tools – just with a simple button combination.


Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Opel Astra H reset inspection message

  1. Put key into ignition. Don’t turn it yet.
  2. Press trip reset button to turn on the odometer display on the instrument cluster.
  3. If the odometer display is on, press and hold trip reset button. Some guides recommend to press and hold brake pedal with the trip reset button. Our test showed that this is not required.
  4. Turn key to II position. Continue holding the button. On the odometer display you should see InSP message flashing. It will take about 5-10 seconds before service inspection reminder is reset.
  5. When InSP message changes to —- you can release the button.
  6. Turn the ignition off.
  7. Turn the ignition back on to confirm that the InSP message has been cleared.

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