Astra, H (2004-2014), Opel/Vauxhall/Holden

Opel Astra H TID hidden menu (CD30)

Opel Astra H TID hidden menu with CD30 system will give you access to interesting diagnostic information. Watch your triple information display (TID) and observe digital vehicle speed, coolant temperature, battery voltage, outside temperature sensor raw data, hardware and software version and more.


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Opel Astra H TID hidden menu – procedure

  1. Turn key to II position. You can turn on the engine or leave it in ACC mode.
  2. Press and hold settings button on the CD30 multimedia unit.
  3. After 5 seconds you will hear confirmation beep. You can no release the button.
  4. Use the button on the right side under the TID (triple information display) to browse the menu.
  5. By pressing FM / AM button you will enter radio tuner hidden menu.
  6. By pressing BC button you will enter board computer hidden menu.

Opel Astra H TID hidden menu – positions

  1. HW – hardware version
  2. HW – hardware production date
  3. SW – software version
  4. SW – software development date
  5. DD
  6. Code
  7. LS
  8. MS
  9. Dimm
  10. XX.X XX.X XX.X
  11. LCD – display temperature
  12. U30 – battery voltage (terminal 30)
  13. RDS-T – real time from radio tuner
  14. PI-EHU – radio station ID
  15. Sens. – outside raw temperature
  16. V – vehicle speed
  17. T – coolant temperature

One thought on “Opel Astra H TID hidden menu (CD30)

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  • I cannot get radio dash light to work and the controls on the steering for the radio

  • Hi. I have a Holden Astra 2005 hatchback with a CD30 radio unit. I have tried repeatedly to access the “secret menu”, by pressing and holding the settings button until it beeps, and pressing the BC button, it comes up “No function”.

    What could be the cause of that? I expect it to do with either the sensor(s) or the computer, but if someone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

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