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Volvo empty button activation

Activate Volvo empty button in your car and use it for garage door opener (clicker), additional security device, hands-free bluetooth device or any other electronic or tuning gadget.
Extra button in your dome light can be enabled within 60 minutes, you don’t need diagnostic interface.


  • flat screwdriver
  • nail file
  • sharp blade
  • reset switch from old PC case
  • isolating tape or neoprene tape


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Volvo empty button activation

  1. Remove dome light from your car.
  2. Unhock plasitc microphone or dummy part.
  3. Unplug buttons module.
  4. Remove buttons module from the car. You need to pry it from both sides to release it.
  5. Remove three tore screw that hold the module together.
  6. Remove the empty inactive button.DSC02494
  7. Use nail file and sharp blade to remove button limiters that prevent the button from moving in the module. Make sure that the button moves freely and without any restrictions.Volvo dome light modification
  8. Use nail file to modify module body so additional wires won’t be squeezed when the module assembled.
  9. Cover existing circuit with isolating tape (or neoprene in my case) to prevent short circuit.
  10. Mount the switch inside buttons module. Depending on what kind of switch you are using you have to think of your own way to place it in the module. I’ve added a piece of rubber tube for additional support for the switch. Just to make sure that it didn’t move deeper. Notice that the switch should at all time touch the button to prevent it from rattling.
  11. Assemble the module back with wires from the switch hanging out of it.
  12. Install the module back in your car and connect switch wires to device that you want to control with that button.