C70, I (1998-2006), I (2000 - 2009), I (2002-2014), II (1999-2007), II (2005-2009), S40, S60, S80, V70/XC70, Volvo, Volvo C30, Volvo S40 II (2004-2012), Volvo V50, XC90

Volvo hidden menu and DTC check

Check the Volvo hidden menu for DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) in your car electronic modules. This will help you with troubleshooting fault before connecting to diagnostic interface like VIDA DICE.

Also if your check engine indicator is on, you can quickly find out which module is causing this and is it safe to continue to travel.

Volvo C30, S40, V50, C70:

Volvo S60, V70 XC70, S80, XC90:


Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Volvo hidden menu – procedure

  1. Turn ignition to II position.
  2. Press and hold READ button on the left stalk.
  3. Press twice rear fog lights button. You should see “CHECKING DTCS” message on the DIM.
  4. Release the READ button.
  5. After few seconds you should see “DTCS IN VEHICLE” message.
  6. Use READ button to browse through the hidden menu.
  7. Modules will be listed with information about present DTCS:
    • DTC SET – errors found in module
    • CHECKING – waiting for information from module
    • READY – no errors

Volvo hidden menu modules list (all models)

  • ABS – Anti-Lock Brake System
  • ADM – Additive Dosing Module
  • AEM – Accesory Electronic Module
  • AFM – AM/FM Tuner Module
  • ATM – Antenna Module
  • AUD – Audio Module
  • AUM – Audio Module
  • BCM – Brake Control Module
  • CCM – Climate Control Module
  • CEM – Central Electronic Module
  • CPM – Combustion Preheater Module
  • DDM – Driver Door Module
  • DEM – Differential Electronic Module
  • DIM – Driver Information Module
  • ECM – Engine Control Module
  • EPS – Electrical Power Steering Module
  • ETM – Electronic Throttle Module
  • IAM – Integrated Audio Module
  • ICM – Information Control Module
  • KVM – Keyless Vehicle Module
  • LPG – LPG Module
  • LSM – Light Swith Module
  • MMM – Multimedia Module
  • MPM – Media Player Module
  • PAM – Parking Assistance Module
  • PDM – Passenger Door Module
  • PHM – Phone Module
  • PSL – Power Seat Left
  • PSR – Power Seat Right
  • REM – Rear Electronics Module
  • RTI – Road Traffic Information Module
  • SAS – Steering Wheel Angle Sensor
  • SHM – Seat Heating Module
  • SRM – Sunroof Module
  • SRS – Supplemental Restraint System
  • SUB – Subwoofer Module
  • SUM – Suspension Module
  • SWM – Steering Wheel Module
  • TCM – TransmissionMessage Channel Module
  • TMC – Traffic Message Channel Module
  • TRM – Trailer Module
  • UEM – Upper Electronic Module
  • WMM – Wiper Motor Module

19 thoughts on “Volvo hidden menu and DTC check

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  • thank you so much my read button got broke and havent been able to figure out whats wrong with the car

    • Mobilizer means your car has a security that if you don’t have it the key that has the chip in it it will not start your vehicle

  • Hi I got those “dtc set” codes

    Bcm dtc

    But in fact I check with a scanner and I didnt get any of those codes. Even the dash doesnt have any troubles.
    What could cause those set troubles in the hidden menu?

    • Use a better scanner that can read not only current DTC but also pending.
      Faults can be caused by power drops, lost communication… There’s no need to worry yet. It’s considered normal that some modules have some DTCs stored.

  • I had check engine light on. Took to garage for a e test . Showed up that my fuel rail sensor was buggered. I replaced it today. Took car for test drive. No engine light. But i do have some dtc set codes. Would my problem be fixed with the fuel rail sensor that was causing my car to fail the etest since the check engine light is now off?

    • Most likely your problem was cause by the fuel rail pressure sensor.
      If you have some DTC stored in your car, don’t worry. There’s a lot of modules in the car and most of them are not engine-related. You have door modules, climate control, alarm, antennas… All those store error codes not only if there’s something broken but also if there’s a power drop (low battery).


    what might could be the problem? I have the engine light ON, what need to be fixed, probably I don’t know how to remove this information on my dash always ON. Please assist

    • You’ll need to check what exact codes are stored. To do that you need diagnostic interface.

  • Do the DTC codes put themselves back to ready in a while or can that only be done by Volvo dealer?

    • You need to clear the codes with diagnostic interface. But first is best to read them out and fix the issues that codes are pointing at. Clearing the codes alone is not fixing anything.

  • Hi there
    I have a V50. When a door(any door) is opened the light on the speedo goes off. The hazard light on the button flashes, the indicators on the car work but nothing on the clock.
    the car will start when a door is open without light on the clock. Soon the door is closed the light comes on. the interior light work normal. any help?

  • I have anti skid light and service required on my 2008 1.6 Volvo C30 petrol. Please help!

  • Hi. When I diagnose the menu, it stucks at Checking for some modules. Although I wait about 5 minutes, it does not turn to Set or Ready. Any idea why? Thanks

  • my volvo 2008 T5 I used a foxwell OBD ll and the reading came out DAF 110 and DAF came out to be 118 I used a foxwell tester can you tell me the codes for those numbers

  • my volvo 2008 T5 I used a foxwell OBD ll and the reading came out DAF 110 and DAF came out to be 118 I used a foxwell tester can you tell me the codes for those numbers

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