A6/S6/RS6, A7/S7/RS7, Audi, Audi A6 C7 4G (2011-), Audi A7 4G (2010-)

Audi MMI MIB2 custom 3663 AIO update with Audi Smartphone Interface

All-In-One update for Audi A6 and A7 with MMI MIB2 systems (MHI2_ER_AUG11 and MHI2_ER_AU57x) which will install latest firmware version (MHI2_ER_AU57x_K3663) and activate ASI (Audi Smartphone Interface) in your vehicle. Installation does not require any diagnostic tools. Just the update package, SD card, and about an hour of your time. When it’s done you will be running latest firmware and have all available features active.



Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.
This will void your warranty


  • Confirm that you have Audi with MMI MIB2 system running MHI2_ER_AUG11 or MHI2_ER_AU57x SW train. You can do this in Red Engineering Menu (press and hold BACK and TOP-LEFT button to enter it). Other trains are not supported by this update.
  • Download and install 7Zip and FreeDownloadManager.
  • Download the Audi 3663 AIO update package.

Audi MMI MIB2 firmware update – procedure

  1. Format SD card with FAT 32 file system, small allocation size.
  2. Unzip 3663 AIO package.
  3. Copy extracted update to the SD card.
  4. Turn the engine on and make sure keyless key will stay in the vehicle during the procedure.
  5. Restore factory settings in Audi MMI system.
  6. Place the card in SD1 port.
  7. Press and hold BACK and TOP-LEFT button to enter Red Engineering Menu.
  8. Go to Update → SD 1 → Standard → Start update → Start.
  9. Wait patiently for about 30-40 minutes. Unit will reboot several times. Sometimes screen will stay closed, sometimes will stay black, sometimes will stay on Audi logo. Keep waiting. Bose sound system amplifier will not be updated during this procedure. Updating it would require VCP parametrization to be performed after the update. If you wish to update it, you can use alternative metainfo2.txt file in the installation package.
  10. When it’s done confirm it. Unit will reboot one final time.
  11. Check in hidden red menu if unit is now running updated firmware.