Golf / Jetta / Bora, Volkswagen, VW Golf MK7 (2012-)

Top 10 upgrades for Golf MK7

10 best upgrades compilation for VW Golf MK7. Stylish new look, new features, better functionality, diagnostic tools for modifications, low price and high value, easy installation, best deals. Links and discount codes below.


  1. Flowing indicators – $9.83
    Plug&Play dynamic indicators for side mirrors–flowing-led-indicator
  2. Skoda OEM washer cap – $2.06
    Silicone washer cap that transforms into funnel
  3. Trunk LED light – $4.49
    Bright light upgrade for cargo space
  4. Start/Stop memory module – $9.74
    Automatically disables engine start/stop function without coding
  5. Rear vertical spoilers – $14.55
    Golf R and R-Line look for lower trim cars
  6. DSG shift knob – $16.38
    Aluminum and color finish for transmission stick
  7. Aluminum pedal covers – $12.08
    Sporty look interior upgrade
  8. USB charger for rear row – $53.54
    Two charging ports for passengers in rear seats
  9. CarlinKit 4.0 – $81.18
    Wireless CarPlay and AndroidAuto adapter
    18% OFF code: MRFIX
  10. OBDeleven PRO Pack – $108.93
    Diagnostic interface for service, repairs, retrofits, and modifications


Prices were checked when making the video and might change with time. Prices do not include shipping, handling, taxes, and local import fees.