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Audi MMI 2G hidden red menu description

Audi MMI 2G hidden red menu was created mostly for easy software updates of your Multimedia Interface system. In this hidden menu you can also find information about cars equipment (CD changer, navigation, TV tuner, Audi Music Interface…).
This description was created based on software version 5570. If your car is using older software, you might find some differences.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


  • Make sure that you have in you car Audi Multi Media Interface 2G (MMI 2G). Check details in article Audi navigation systems – MMI RNS BNS RMC differences.
  • Make sure that your Audi Multi Media Interface 2G software version is up to date. In some older versions you might find differences or it will have less options then described. Read article MMI 2G software update to version 5570.
  • Audi MMI 2G hidden red menu enter procedure

    1. Turn the ignition on.
    2. Wait few seconds for the system to start.
    3. Press and hold button SETUP and RETURN.
    4. After few seconds Audi MMI 2G hidden red menu will appear on the screen. You can release buttons now.
    5. Use control knob to navigate.

    Audi MMI 2G hidden red menu description

    When you enter hidden menu you will see all modules in (depending on optional equipment in your car):

    • Interfacebox – MMI head unit
    • MP3-Changer – 6CD MP3 disc changer
    • Handyvorb2 – bluetooth handsfree kit and car phone
    • BO_Q7 – Bang & Olufsen audio system
    • Navibox D3 – GPS navigation
    • TVHybridDVB – Hybrid TV tuner
    • SDS 3500 DE – Speech dialogue system
    • Tuner EU/US/RDW – AM/FM radio tuner

    In this view you can choose only strong>SWUpdate special function button. After pressing it system will ask you for update source.

    After choosing on of the modules (e.g. Interfacebox) you can see some of its properties:

    • SW-Number – software catalogue number
    • SW-Index – software version
    • SW-Date – release date
    • HW-Number – hardware catalogue number
    • HW-Index – hardware version
    • TextTool

    In this view you can see four additional special function buttons: IRC, MOST, Parameter and On/Off.


    Here you can see MOST ring logs by category:

    • Available current Logfiles
    • Available save Logfiles
    • Dump Logfiles on MOST
    • Save Logfiles
    • Deleting IRC log list
    • Show OLD Exception-List


    Additionaly logs are divided by subcategory:

    • Session ID list
    • Misc log list
    • Speicher Log-Liste
    • OnOff log list
    • Audio log list
    • Exception log list
    • Watchdog log list
    • Keyboard log list
    • Panel log list
    • LVDS Log-Liste
    • MapView log list


    Sample log contains only basic information like message title (short and long), date and time of the event.

    Przykładowy log


    Here you can see details about MOST ring for each connected module.

    Szczegóły pętli MOST


    This view lets you check couple parameters of currently selected module. For Interfacebox you can check:

    • FOT-Temp – module temperature
    • Display-Temp – display temperature
    • Brightness
    • Power
    • MemFree – free memory
    • MemAlloc – allocated memory
    • MemMax
    • MemLow
    • OperTime – total operating time counter
    • UBC enabled

    Parametry pracy MMI


    In this view you can check few details about module power cycles.

    Zasilanie MMI

    13 thoughts on “Audi MMI 2G hidden red menu description

    • Hi I did a full update of 2g on my A6 C6 following your excellent post. I then installed an original AMI head unit in place of the CD player in the glove box. The unit connected and boots up fine but will only work as an “external input” and play my iPod as a aux input. There does not seem to be any power to the AMI connector. Was advise it should be plug and play once software was upgraded to 5570. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
      2007 4.2 FSI Quattro as BT and all the toys but only a CD changer.

      • Are you sure that your AMI firmware is up to date to work correctly with the 5570 software of your MMI 2G?

    • Based on software version 5570 or other ‘based version’ , the acces ‘green’ menu its about born of car, this includes engine, model type, software versions, etc. etc. Dont lead others in uniq solved solution! Wont work on others like wont work on mine, i use Vcsd v17.8.2 for this who’s much safe for, with a handy back’up first off course!! It’s just a tip, do what you want, my car surrely wont listen your academic advices

    • Hi . I have 2008 Audi A6 c6 I cant star Hidden green menu pressin “car and setup ” buttons ..can u help me please

    • Further to the above as i have been told its not possible, can an AMI be installed in the place of the 6 CD changer (which is on the dash) of an MMI 2g High system?
      2007 3.0 A5 (Launch model)

      • Hi any updates/recommendations on the above as I too am looking to upgrade the CD autochanger to AMI?

    • Hi to whom it may concern. I have a audi 2010 a6 the Bluetooth well not contact to my phone the software version is BBT-EU-POO20 can this be updated or is it a module problem it was working but just stop everything else is working but the phone.
      I would appreciate i
      Your help

    • How I can exit hidden menu
      Interface 2G low
      I used Setup + Return to enter the hidden menu but all what i find is menue with numbers which i couldn’t understand.
      I tried to exit the hidden menu but the MMI was stick there for 2 days.

      Then after 2 days hidden menu disappeared but the main knob didn’t work and when I switch on the car I hear some mechanic sound from the consol for some seconds.

      I didn’t have issue before with the MMI, it seems the car didn’t get out the hidden menu in a correct way.

      Please help
      Abu Suhaib

    • After update to 5570 on audi a8, I can no longer connect telephone to bluetooth.
      Cd2 was run twice. Any way to fix this?
      I have access to a VAG com/rosstech

    • After update to 5570 on a 2008 audi a8, I can no longer connect telephone to bluetooth.
      Cd2 was run twice. Any way to fix this?
      I have access to a VAG com/rosstech

    • Hi. I use vcds lite and saying that; CAR IS NOT ISO/OBD-II COMPATIBLE. I can’t do anything. Can you please?

    • I’ve got a 2014 audi q7 TDI sline in canada. I’ve enabled the green menu via Carista (https://caristaapp.com/) but i can’t get into the engineering menu. I don’t have a setup button. Any advice on what i’m doing wrong?

    • Hello!
      Unfortunately I was not able to access the hidden red menu on my A6 C6, SW 5570.
      Do you have any idea why?

      Thank you!

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