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Audi MMI 3G Audio CD ripping to HDD

Enable in your Audi MMI 3G Audio CD ripping to HDD. Now you can copy music from original discs to your internal hard drive installed in Audi Multi Media Interface. Music files will be stored in digital format on the Audi MMI 3G internal memory, so you don’t need the CD in your drive.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


Audi MMI 3G Audio CD ripping to HDD activation procedure

  1. Turn key into II position and wait for the MMI 3G system to start. You can also use keyless buttons.
  2. Press and hold buttons SETUP and CAR.
  3. After couple of seconds hidden green menu will appear. You can now release the buttons.
  4. Navigate to diagnosesettingsImport multimedia.
  5. Change the value to “Copy/Ripping 4/4”. This will enable your Audi MMI 3G Audio CD ripping and coping to internal memory (hard drive).
  6. Press RETURN and CAR buttons at the same time to exit hidden green menu.
  7. Restart MMI 3G with key combination from article Audi MMI force restart (2G, 3G, 3G+).

After the Audi MMI 3G system restart, insert disk with Audio CD format to the CD changer, go to MEDIA, then select “Import” option and notice that CD drive is now active as a import option.

10 thoughts on “Audi MMI 3G Audio CD ripping to HDD

  • I have enabled this and when I get to the cd part it just starts playing the cd not ripping. any ideas

  • I got the “green menu” enabled, using Ross Tech unit. 2014 Audi A8L
    Pressing car slightly before menu brings it up. other order does not.
    I get to the menu, but there are 2 items:

    There is no 4/4, just a box for each. The boxes were solid in color, tried clearing both boxes, no import, tried setting both to filled again, no import.

    The CD does show greyed out, and the CD plays fine.

    Any other ideas?

  • I cant get into the Green menu at all. I have a Q5 2014 and nothing happens when I press Car and Menu!!

  • Hi
    I have a 2013 A5 ( media version Hn + _ eu_ au3g_p0612 )
    I have tried holding down menu and car and can’t get into the green system any ideas

  • I have a 2018 Q5 with nav. How do I enter green menu so I can enable cd ripping to Jukebos?
    thanks in advance

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