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Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu description

Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu can be used to change coding & adaptation of Module 5F – MMI 3G Control Head, enable some user interface features and tweak user experience. All that without diagnostic interface like OBDeleven, VCDS. Check out full description of the hidden green menu.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
When browsing the Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu stay away from Bootloader options unless you know exactly what you’re doing.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


Access Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu

Press and hold together button: SETUP & CAR (or MENU & CAR).

Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu

  • version
    • export version info
    • export onoff info
    • export EPromFlags info
    • Start Script
    • Train name
    • versionmu
    • versionru
    • versiondu
    • versionaudio
    • versiontelephony
    • versionmost
    • versionbt
  • addressbook
    • is OADB cancelling active
    • copy db to sdcard
    • copy tef to sdcard
    • delete db
  • aevtest
    • scan for jobs
    • fakeaudiosettings
    • functiontest
    • numlisttest
    • scripts
    • slidertest
    • tabletest
    • fakeextra
  • audiomanagment
    • volumerangers
      • Entertainment lowering
      • Entertainment min
      • Entertainment max
      • SDS min
      • SDS max
      • Navi min
      • Navi max
      • Telephone min
      • Telephone max
      • Traffic min
      • Traffic max
    • audiomisc
      • Mute pin state
      • Mute behavior actual
      • Volume max
      • Muting reason
      • lenses timer disp. 1 (100ms)
      • lenses timer disp. 2 (100ms)
    • inputgainoffset
      • MW
      • FM
      • MUCD
      • CDC
      • DAB
      • DVBT
      • TV
      • SDARS
      • TIM
      • MU AUX
      • MU AUX ADAPT
      • MU DVD
      • MU FPP
      • MU BT Device
    • mme
      • Activate AMFM cluster
      • Deactivate AMFM cluster
      • Activate CDC cluster
      • Deactivate CDC cluster
      • Activate DVDC cluster
      • Deactivate DVDC cluster
  • bluetooth
    • Link key restruction active
  • browser
    • Delete Old Non-ISO boardbook
  • bths
    • bths 1
    • byhs 2
  • car
    • carcodingvehicle
      • steering wheel der.
      • behicle derivat
      • configuration line
      • vehicle model line
      • Update splashscreen (according car line)
    • cardevicelist
      • Air condition
      • Auxiliary heating
      • HUD
      • ACC
      • Air suspension
      • RDK
      • Interior light
      • Exterior light
      • APS
      • RVC
      • Wiper
      • Central lock system
      • Mirror
      • Board computer
      • Clock
      • Service interval
      • Central unit master
      • Compass
      • Charisma
      • Lane departure warning
      • Lange change assist
      • Braking assist
      • Front seat memory
      • Rear seat memory
      • Hybrid
      • Side view
    • carextdevicelist
      • MFL
      • VIN
      • Battery
      • Oil level gauge
      • Sliding roof
    • carfunctionlist
      • Parking help audio dim 1
      • Parking help audio dim 2
      • AM/FM toggle
      • Oil level gauge extended
    • carprotocollswitch
      • Air condition
      • Auxiliary heating
      • ACC
      • Air suspension
      • RDK
      • Interior light
      • Exterior light
      • APS
      • Wiper
      • Central lock system
      • Board computer
      • Clock
      • Service interval
      • Braking assist
      • Seat memory
    • carmenuoperation
      • ACC
      • interior light
      • parking help
      • AWV
      • line dep. warning
      • line change assist.
      • exterior light
      • battery
      • window
      • air condition
      • instrument cluster
      • tires air pressure control
      • wiper
      • service interval
      • seat
      • central lock
      • compass
      • charisma
      • oil level
      • VIN
      • clock
      • air suspension
      • head up display
      • central unit master
      • hybrid
      • board book
  • config
    • Activate DHCP
    • Activate fixed IP
    • Active IP
    • Show current IP address
    • language HMI system
    • language Navi TTS
    • language SDS
    • visible languages
  • diagnose
    • pml
      • current value
      • Reset Level
      • Reset password
    • settings
      • active HDD Nav DB
      • import multimedia
      • AMI/AUX
      • Delay ref sign (ms)
      • Mic sensibility
      • Tel settings misc
      • Microphones
      • Displays
  • dtc
    • changed_dtcs
    • control
    • qualified_dtcs
    • show_single_dtc
    • untested_dtcs
  • eepromflags
    • import MM lock status
    • Watchdog SH4 status
  • environment
    • FOT temperature
    • Bluetooth device address
    • WLAN device address
    • hdd
      • HDD model
      • HDD firmware revision
      • HDD serial number
      • HDD current temperature
      • HDD max temperature
      • HDD power state
      • smart
        • storesmart
        • viewsmart
    • sparepartnumbers
      • VW spare part number
      • spare part num front display
      • spare part num right display
      • spare part num left display
  • irc
    • trigger
  • java
    • Free Runtime Memory
    • Total Runtime Memory
    • Garbage Collect
  • media
    • Delete Backup Folders
    • mediabluetooth
      • SPD record (hex)
    • mediaplayer
        Internal drive info
  • most
    • allocationtable
    • centralregistry
  • nav
    • Active PSD
    • databaseupdate
    • diagvalues
    • engineering
    • gps
    • map
    • sensorik
    • tmc
  • onoff
    • activation state
  • onofftimer
    • OFF 1 delay (Sec)
    • OFF 2 delay (Sec)
    • Standby delay (Min)
    • Power down delay (Min)
    • Off2 power down delay (Sec)
    • BEM shutdown delay (Min)
    • Transport delay (Sec)
    • Power down timers state
    • reset all timer values
    • reset all timers to test
  • radio
    • amfm
      • Disable Test Mode
      • Selected Test Mode
      • Current Station
      • tunbandinfo
      • diagtest
      • singletunertest
      • stationlist
      • testmodea
      • testmodec
      • testmoded
    • dab
      • Detected Device
      • backgroundscan
      • componentlist
      • currentstation
      • dataservicefilter
      • dataservicelist
      • diagtest
      • ensemblelist
      • linkingdelay
      • motdecoder
      • mutehandling
      • pilist
    • sdars
      • categorylist
      • currentstation
      • generalinfo
      • radiotext
      • servicestatus
      • stationlist
      • versioninfo
    • tim
      • messagelist
      • statusinfo
      • timerlist
    • tmcchina
      • tmcchinastations
      • tmcchinastatus
    • tunerannouncment
      • filter
      • status
  • ru
    • Fan speed
    • FOT temperature RU
    • Amplifier temperature RU
    • FOT temperature RU max
    • Amplifier temperature RU max
  • rusirius
    • mode
  • sd
    • attached sd-devices
    • sd-slot1
      • Mountpoint
      • Cardtype
      • Vendor
      • Device
      • Serial number
    • sd-slot2
      • Mountpoint
      • Cardtype
      • Vendor
      • Device
      • Serial number
  • sds
    • Last recognized confidence
    • Language list
  • serial_if_test
    • Start serial Test for ETC
    • static ETC
    • State of last cycle ETC
    • Start serial Test for VICS
    • static VICS
    • State of last cycle VICS
    • Start serial Test for IPOD
    • static IPOD
    • State of last cycle IPOD
  • swdl
    • count down
    • HW index IT
    • unexpected resets
    • current version
    • user defined mode
    • ignore region and variant
  • system
    • is production mode active
    • battery voltage (x100mV)
    • Choose system tone
    • is system tone active
    • Serial number
    • VW system name
    • cable code info (hex)
    • connected HUC/BTHS (hex)
    • PerfLoad Freq. (sec)
    • CPU
    • No, Memory, CPU
    • kind of state line
    • kind lsd
    • coredump
    • emergencyupdate
    • internal
  • telephony
    • signal quality
    • register state
    • network type
    • network identifiers
    • mic mute state
    • NAD temp state
    • NAD temperature
    • handsfree activity
    • number of connected devices
    • BT connection state
    • GSM power state
    • btconnecteddevices
    • telephonyprovider
    • telephonyscript
    • telephonystates
  • trace
    • internfblock
    • tracescope
  • tv
    • tuner state
    • selected source
    • TV norm area
    • Audio format
    • Terminal mode
    • Key panel state
    • Diversity state
    • AV 1 norm
    • AV 2 norm
    • tvtables
  • usb
    • Num of attached devices
    • Used bus, device address
    • select USB log. bus
    • select USB device address
    • info about device with device address, selected above

158 thoughts on “Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu description

  • Hi Mr Fix I have an audi a6 le mans edition u.k spec and I have put on the battery meter and the date and time, ambience light and also the service intervall have gone any ideas please reply as soon as possible.

    • Hi! All those features can be coded back with diagnostic interface or enabled with hidden menu. Make sure if you are using MMI 2G or 3G system and look for hidden menu description for your system here on the blog.

  • Hallo.
    I have 3G system in my Audi A4 8k,My problem is, i Cannot see a/c menu in Mmi screen, so when i control heating or blower it not shows on Mmi screen. Can you help me ???
    Thanks for held.

    • Most likely you need to enable and enter hidden menu, then configure car options visible on the MMI screen. There’s HVAC somewhere there. Check:
      car > cardevicelist > air condition
      car > carprotocollswitch > air condition
      car > carmenuoperation > air condition

    • I have the same problem
      everything the same and dont show a/c menu and i dont have climatic control on the mmi screen

  • Dear sir .
    I have a problem in my mmi of a8 D4 2015.
    The small strange tow lines text at the left up corner of display such as ” ScreenID:6xxxx” “ScreenName:charismaMain”
    I cannot remove it.

  • Hello,
    I have a 2013 S5 and I cannot get to the green screen. I would like to enable my led daylight running lights to stay on when signal lights are on. And would like to increase the exhaust notes as well.

    Thank you for your help.

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  • I have a 2016 Audi A4 sedan, and I would like to change the splash screen to the “S4” logo. Is this possible? My vehicle is equipped with the MMI screen as well as Navigation. I do not have a “SETUP” button on my console. Thank you.

  • Hello! Located in the US and have 2016 A8L 4.0T. Have successfully enabled green menu and followed Main/Diagnose/Settings/Import media. At this point it only shows me two boxes that are both checked/filled in- Ripping and Copying- as default. The 4 of 4 does not exist as I have seen in your video. I notice in your video at the top of the green menu it shows “EM (0.8g)”. At the top of mine it reads “. I have tried checking, unchecking one, both and rebooting and still can not rip/copy. Am I missing something?

  • So there is 2 ways to enable VIM on my 2012 audi s6? I have the ross-tech cable with vcds, but according to this i can engage VIM through the secret menu?

  • Useful information. Thank you.
    I have an Audi A8L with RSE Entertainment System. This RSE has a 3G MMI unit with hard disk and with its own keyboard. Could you please help me? How can I actívate the green menu in the RSE MMI unit? I can open the menu in the main MMI Unit using Menu+Car keys, but the RSE MMI Unit keyboard doesn’t have the CAR key…
    Thank you again.

    • I believe that RSE is not a separate unit. MMI, RSE, tuners, CD changers, controls, amplifier are all connected together as one system.

  • Hi, Hopefully I’ll find this on my own, however perhaps you can provide reference more quickly. I’m trying to find coding that enables the FM radio to stay on longer after ignition key is turned off. Seems trivial, but we attend drive-in-movies a good bit, and we constantly are pressing the power button for the radio on after it auto shuts off after ten minutes. And then we have to reset the volume, too, because it doesn’t remember last volume level. I’ve read on forums that I can increase the time the radio stays on after ignition shut off up to 99 minutes. That’s certainly better than the ten minutes it’s set at by default. Car is 2011 Q7 with MMI. Any help would be appreciated. Have VAG COM cable and have coded other models before, but have never done anything with MMI.

    • Yes, you can. Go to hidden green menu and look for onofftimer, there are standby values to adjust.

  • Hi, can i find more languages in the hidden menu? my frends have swedish but not i, got an 3g+

    • There are no more languages in hidden menu. You can check if there’s an update available for your navigation system that will bring new languages to you.

  • Hi
    I have 2010 S4 and the Satellite Sirius XM radio option is missing from the menu, i used to have it. What do i need to do to make it appear again? Located in North America

    • Check coding of the MMI module (Infotainment – 5F). You can also look around in hidden green menu for it.

    • Can you please explain this in more depth? A list of steps would be very helpful, haven’t had Sirius XM for a while now. Have both VCDS & Green screen enabled. [2010 S5]

    • Sorry to revive a old thread / question. I have this same issue and am trying to determine if it is a hardware or software issue. This occurred (disappearing sirius band) after taking my vehicle in for recall service and having new mmi software flashed. The dealer tells me it is a “coincidence”, but I think not. either way can you elaborate on your comment “Check coding of the MMI module (Infotainment – 5F).” What specific coding should I be looking for. I have an OBDEleven module on its way as well and am hoping I can use it to enable the green hidden menu as well. thanks.

  • Hi
    I have 2014 Q5 and lost ability to have google earth on my navigation after last update. I do not wish to pay for MMI connect to have this option, since it was working fine before. Any thoughts?

    • Most likely you need to recode your MMI because coding is lost or software changes require new coding.

  • I have a 2011 audi s5 i cant access the hidden green menu when i hold the car/setup button dwn it goes to car setup screen . Is there another way to access aux i am trying to connect dockboss to play music off my iphone via bluetooth

    • Are you sure that you have MMI system and not Audi Concert? Also have you enabled hidden menu first with diagnostic interface?

  • Hi Mr. Fix

    I’ve an Audi Q5 2.0TFSI Quattro 2010 with a MMI 3, i suppose.. i’m trying for days to enter the hidden menu, but it doesen’t work (Car + Setup for a few seconds). Are there more solutions to enter this menu? I would like to stream music from my iphone 6s via BlueTooth, without cable.. can you help me?
    thanks in advance

    • You need to enable your hidden menu first with diagnostic interface.
      You can stream music trough bluetooth in MMI 3G without retrofitting additional hardware.

  • Hi
    I have an Audi A5 3 door black edition on a 64 plate.
    When in the normal automatic drive mode I want the mini display (between the rev counter and speedometer) to show which gear is selected.
    When in manual and sport mode the gear number is displayed but not whilst in drive mode.

    Can I enable this?



  • Hello

    I wanted to update firmware to this Audi unit >>> HN+_EU_AU3G_P0530

    I enabled GreenMenu by SDCard and marked ” Ignore region and variant” and proceed.

    But i didnt pay attention so i made update to firmware HN+R_EU_AU_K0990.

    Thankfully unit is still alive, but PHISICAL button are remaped. So if i press Menu button will go to Tone, if i press CAR button will go to PHONE.

    Tried to flash HN+ firmware but i got error like “A variant conflict occured…”

    Big problem is that i CANNOT ENTER GreenMenu again so i can mark again “Ignore region and variant” and then flash back good firmware.

    Pls dont remind me im stupid and neither i was wrong.

    Few questions:

    How to enter GreenMenu again ?

    I have a friend with ODIS Program. Is there a way to mark “Ignore region and variant” by this or by other program by cable ?


  • Dear, i have audi s4 2010, i want to get access to hidden menu, but i can’t, i am pushing both car and setup buttons together, but nothing happens, what you think what is the problem and what you will advise to solve this problem. Best regards

  • Hi Mr Fix. I have an Audi A6 (c6) 2006 model. Is there any way to Reset the Service Alert once i have done my service without using VAG? Also, how can i enable the MMI to display Oil temperature?

    • MMI can not display oil temperature.
      You can reset oil reminder with MMI, but not the service reminder. You need diagnostic interface for that.

  • Hi,

    you write “stay away from bootloader options “. What option are bootloader relevant? I installed a backdrive camera on my own. It is not original Audi and uses the video in of my MMI 3G+ Touch. Can I activate it in green menu so that I do not have to switch it on via Media/Source manually? If I have video in in my MMI, do I have a TV Tuner? And where can I turn off deactivation of video when driving? Isn’t also possible in green menu? A lot of questions, please help :) thank you very much.

  • Hi,
    Hopefully you can help Mr Fix, I’m a nig fan of your youtube videos. I have just updated my firmware and sat nav to 2016 and have found 2 problems.
    1st – my dab radio function has disappeared just have normal am-fm now?
    2nd – my sat nav in 3D mode have lost the top line display of the map. but in 2d mode I can see full screen?
    I hope you can help.
    If not I still thank you in advance for all the other help videos you created online.

    • I don’t have much experience when it comes to firmware update in MMI 3G. It seems that something went wrong when updating DAB firmware or part of MMI coding is wrong so the main unit does not know that there is DAB connected to the system.

  • Hello.How can i remove from my audi 3G MMI left corner this little white words ( screenID: … and screenName: …)

    Thank you!

  • i received a 2nd carista ODBII module. it works now

    i enabled the hidden green menu in the adroid app and it looks OK and restarted the MMI
    i also shut the car off and came back the next day

    i tried to go into the hidden green menu using MENU and CAR button

    no luck. it either goes into the CAR or MENU scree , but not the green menu

    i have a 2016 Q5 TFSI

    does anyone else have this working?
    any tips?

    please advise

    • Press menu car for three second , release them pressing the confirm button…with me works like that to go green menu. Hope works for you too.


    • This sounds similar to an issue I had…
      I have a 2016 A6
      There are a number of different back-end menus as far as I know (MMI, RNC, etc..)

      Please excuse me if I am wrong and I can’t guarantee I am 100% right, but, I think this should help…
      Instead of Menu and Car, try Menu and Lower Left Control Button. This brings up my Green Menu and I believe it is the same one you are trying to reach.
      Most places, including OBD Eleven and others say to do this with the ignition ON but engine OFF or it won’t work.
      I found just the opposite… It did not nothing that way but worked perfectly when I tried holding the Menu and Lower Left Control Button for just under 20 seconds with the car engine ON.

      I will double check this ASAP (should be tomorrow). I know there is another menu that works on older systems with the Car and (setup or Menu) button, but, I believe for 2016 and newer, it is a different combo to reach the Green Menu. At least it is in mine.

      Again, not 100% sure, but, also know that this hasn’t caused any bad issues with my car. To get to this menu, I needed OBD 11 to unlock the feature (or perhaps Carista has it for Android devices, I’m not sure).
      I hope this helps and will double check on my end too. I’m not an expert and don’t want to give advice in anyway other than user to user experience and just trying to help from my own experiences with the system.

  • I’m stuck. I have added the Bluetooth all good phones work I can hear but the mic is not working. I saw the mic kit on eBay but I have gone all over chasing wires and can not find anywhere to plug the mic in to the mmi 3G system or the Bluetooth module it’s a 2011 q7

  • Hello MR Fix,

    Thanks for all the helpfull posts on the site. I’ve got a brainkiller (at least for me) how should I activate charisma complete? I’ve set the hidden menu :
    ‘car’, ‘cardevicelist’, ‘charisma’ activated
    ‘car’, ‘carmenuoperation’, charisma value from 0 to 1
    restarted the MMI and now I’ve got the ADS settings on my Car window. But it’s grayed out. Now I should connect my laptop and start VCDS to recode the car and make it all work propper. But on the internet I can only find solutions for Audi A4. At least I’m not getting there… Can you help?
    If not…Do you know how to get security acces in >09 Cent Elect?

  • Can I disabled DVD cut off/stops playing once the car is moving??? If so please how do I do this via green menu???

    • Can’t do it with hidden menu. Need diagnostic interface. Look for VIM (video in motion) enabling over here.

  • Thanks for keeping this web site with all this great information.
    I’m trying to turn off the “fast browsing” on my Sirius radio in my 2014 Q7 (US) and I cannot find the setting for that. If you know where I can turn that off, I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

  • Hi Mr fix
    Ive tried your coding from your website and all go OK vit my vcds + green menu but I realised I’ve lost Interior lighting setting where I could set the colour etc.
    It is enabled in green menu.
    What shall I do next? How to get this option back.
    It’s a audi a8 d4.

  • i have a 2013 Q5 with 3GMMI. I was able to follow your instructions precisely but i still don’t see the battery meter showing on the MMI. Is there a reason it doesn’t show?

  • Hi,

    I’ve a 2012 A4 Allroad and with MMI 3G. I’ve just updated the software and maps to 2017. The previous 2012 map was on a disk and the new one is on an SD card but the unit does not seem to look on the SD card for the map…..any ideas?


  • Hello Mr Fix, I retro fitted my a4 b8.5 with paddle shifters. Anyway I can enable them via green screen?

    • Green menu only effects MMI-related functions. You’ll have to use diagnostic interface to recode steering wheel module and transmission.

  • Hello mr Fix, I was wondering if I can use green screen to activate the parking sensor or would I have to use diagnostic interface…? Also am I able to activate blutooth music streaming via green screen.

    Thank you

  • Hallo Mr Fix
    I have a European version of a Audi A8L 2011.
    Can you please tell me how to:
    1 access the green menu
    2 how to do a main reset of the mmi, (not only the “select+car+tone”
    3 how to remove the phone contact memories which has been stored in the car.
    If you do know why the mmi goes into reset mode every time I start looking for phone contacts on the mmi system?

    Best regards
    Marius Arntsen

  • Hello Mr Fix, I have an Audi A6 AllRoad 2010 with MMI 3G+ Navigation HDD.
    The only problem I have is when Auto Clock is enabled it goes to German time zone, where the car was bought when I was living there.
    I have tried to change settings in the engineering menu associated with clock, but I was only able to activate or deactivate the functions.
    Is there a way somewhere to change the time zone?

  • Hello Mr Fix, I’ve an Audi S5 2014 but I don’t know how to go to green hidden menu. I’ve push menu and car but I can’t see anything ? Please help me

    thank you

  • Mr fix please help. I have a 2013 Audi s4 with MMi and I can not change the music track with my left scroll wheel on my steering wheel when listen to music via bluetooth apple phone. I can only change the tracks with the volume button by the gear shifter. anyway to enable the scroll wheel on my vehicle via green menu or VCDs? thanks

  • Hello mr-fix,

    I have an A6 2012 with mmi 3G+. The bottom of screen the icons are missing. ( Tcm, tp, time, mobilsignals and the Google text). All function working, just the infos can’t visible.
    Fw update and maps are the 2018 (942, 6.25.3), i had try the EmergencyUpdate, but the icons dont comming back. In the green menu or with vcds have you other options?
    (The volume bar in the bottom of screen is vsible, the pixels are good.)
    Thank you!

  • Hello Mr fix, will I be able to watch TV if I access the green screen as I do have a DVD player already?

  • Hi mr fix, i have Audi a6 4f 2011. My phone Bluetooth says not installed, I guess it is not activated if I activate it as u show in ur YouTube video, do I have to install Mic as well or is it pre-installed? .
    And also I activated oil level sensor but it’s gray when I am trying to click on it, but when I turn the car of it says wait approx. 2 min after turn of the car. I do it but still gray.
    Appreciate ur time and answer.

  • Morning Mr Fix,
    I have tried to activate the mirror folding option from the green menu but with no luck. It seems that i have touched other thing as well and now when i put in reverse the camera does not appear. The sensors are working is just that the camera doeant pop up. Please help. Many thanks.

  • Hi,
    My diagnostic interface cannot read the control unit 5F Information Electronics. Is there something I need to do in another control unit for my VCDS to access this Information Electronics unit? Obviously, looking to activate the hidden green menu.
    It is for an A4 2008/09 B8 S-Line with Nav MMI.

  • Hi, I have A6 C7 with mmi 3G+. Inav button doesnt work and navigation voice guidance sound is gone, is it possible to enable it?

  • Hello mr-fix! I’ve got a 2010 Q5 Prestige. After sifting through some comments on your Youtube channel and here, I now realize that the hidden menu needs to be “enabled” first before proceeding with the car+setup button process. I simply want to ask, how can I enable the hidden menu, then proceed to access the hidden green menu via the car+setup buttons? Is there a specific tool that I need to purchase beforehand? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  • I have 2016 Audi A7 and cannot get into the green menu. I tried everything you have posted.

  • Hey man! How i can activate parking ilustration on MMI 3G?I have only rear sensors. I pluged in diagnostic interface but i can’t find a way to activate it. I can activate this from Hidden Menu? How ?

  • Hello, I have a 2012 Audi S4 I tried holding down the “Car” and “Setup” buttons but I was not able to enter the green menu.

  • Hi

    I have a 2014 A4 Avant with the MMI 3g High unit, I have no setup button and I have tried the “Menu & Car” combo but nothing happens.

    I am trying to get the audi connect option on the head unit. I hav a mobile phone with RSAP activated & the Audi MMi software installed. However I never get the option to connect as a car phhone which is wat I believe i need to do to get access to the features

  • Hi Mr-Fix,
    I have an 2014 A4 with the MMI 3g High installed, (There is no sim card slot), I have set my mobile phone up with rSAP but there is no Audi connect option on the head unit & I cant connect the phone as a “Car Phone” only a telephone via bluetooth.

    I have tried to acess the hidden menu but no matter how long I hold the “Car & Menu” buttons nothing happens..

    Any advice would be much appreciated

  • Hello Mr. Fix
    Is there any way to factory reset the hidden green menu? So everything should be back as it was from the factory?

  • Hello Mr. Fix
    Is there any way to factory reset the hidden green menu? So everything should be back as it was from the factory?

  • Hello Mr. Fix
    I have tried your method on activating with green hidden menu on a Q7 2013 the auto folding mirror but it doesnt appear in the mmi afterwards. Is there something i am missing? Thank you

  • Hey, i have a Audi A6 C6 2008 model and i cant seem to open the green menu in my mmi with the “setup and car” buttons, any other way to do it? Thanks

  • Hi i have bought a 2013 D4 Audi A8 L sports
    I had an a8 D3 2008 prior to this that had a digital tv tuner i could watch free to air digital stations
    So you would expect that in the newer model
    But i cannot find the function in the mmi anywhere can you please shed some light on this have audi stopped fitting tv tuners in newer models or does it need to be activated some help your help would be appreciated

  • Hi, I have 2015 Q7 us and I can’t get mirrors to fold when locking. In green menu i clicked on car/mirror on but still nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • I made a firmware update, and I do not see the DVD drive and SD card when I press the media button

  • I see in a previous post a user had mentioned losing ‘sirius’ as an available selection option in the radio ‘band’ menu. I have a 2010 Q5 with the same issue.

    You had mentioned: “Check coding of the MMI module (Infotainment – 5F).”

    Can you elaborate on what specifically I should be checking?

    I played around in the engineering menu, but don’t see anything obvious to change / set. The dealer tried updating my MMI from P0110 to P0113 or P0114 (can’t recall off hand), but to no avail. The said the next step is to replace the MMI unit for $4,000. Obviously not going to happen.

    So, I purchased a replacement unit off of an eBay salvage yard and installed it myself, had the dealer remove component protection, and even with the replacement unit the ‘sirius’ band is STILL missing.

    At this point, I don’t know if this is a software issue, and hardware further down the line, such as the radio module in the rear left trunk…

  • Hello Mr Fix, I have a 2015 C7 that had the digital speedo and a couple of other options on the on board computer like Avg fuel consumption and short and long term memory. Problem is my friend was messing with vag com and now all that Info and Digital Speedometer are gone. Can I reactive these options with the green screen or does it have to be done through vagcom?

  • Hello mr Fix
    I have audi S5 2013 have problem when car stationary the display show picture when start the car and moving around 20km/h the display turn off.
    Can you tell me how to disable that function???
    thank you

  • I have a 2017 S-Line Q5 (U.K. spec) and believe that it has all the components for Ambient Lighting but in the main menu under Car/interior lighting it only has control for brightness.
    Will the green menu give me access to Ambient Lighting and if so how?
    Many thanks!

  • I have a problem in my mmi of a6 c7 2013
    The small strange tow lines text at the left up corner of display such as ” ScreenID:6xxxx” “ScreenName:charismaMain”
    Is it any way to remove it?

  • Hi, I have retrofitted a used 4G0035061E DAB radio tuner unit and had component protection removed by a dealer. However there is no sound although the DAB is displaying correctly. The dealer suggests there is an amp fault and web research now shows that the 4G0035061E unit can be con configured for Bose or standard systems. I have the standard system, and guess it came out of a Bose equipped car. Therefore, is there a way, via the MMI screen, to change the system from Bose to standard on the tuner unit? Grateful for your advice. Thanks.

  • Hello Mr fix it

    I have Audi a8l 2012, with rse
    Before I could see the tv in the rear, but now is missing from the menu, please can you help me

  • I just bought a 2009 Q5 and my new roommate has borrowed it a few times. I noticed that something wasn’t right each time he borrowed it. Is there a tool that will tell me if and when (date/time) a part went bad or was removed or replaced? I no longer let anyone drive my car and I would truly love to nail this bastard. I’m not mechanically inclined and he’s counting on that sprinkled with ignorance . Lucky him though I’m doing what it takes to audit and learn all about my Audi. Any input from anyone would be most appreciated! Help help!!

  • Do you know how to enable windows comfort settings in green menu. I have the option on MMI for long windows press it use to work but took to dealer for reg maintenance. Now it does not work

  • Ok, i have a few questions and hopefully i might finally have some useful advice on my q5 2009/10 that has the mmi 3g navigation.
    Im unsure where to start but bear “grr” with me.
    1:is there a way to update the navigation system for roads in Australia at a cost of next to nothing?
    2: i have only got 2 radio frequencys showing and wonding if there is a way to access dab radio or somehow update system to be able to get it.
    3: i have dvd jukebox sd slots and connector part for being able to play my music via aux in glovebox.. is there a connection that can make car fully equipped bluetooth wise instead of the short cable to glove box and to stop me from touching phone.. ?

    Sorry if it dont make sense but it seems my car either have fallen a couple things short to being perfect or its just needing to be updated or something…

    Oh i may aswell ask about reversing Camaras are they able to be fitted i have the sensors but not the cam..

    Thanks and once again sorry for the questions.

  • Ok, i have a few questions and hopefully i might finally have some useful advice on my q5 2009/10 that has the mmi 3g navigation.
    Im unsure where to start but bear “grr” with me.
    1:is there a way to update the navigation system for roads in Australia at a cost of next to nothing?
    2: i have only got 2 radio frequencys showing and wonding if there is a way to access dab radio or somehow update system to be able to get it.
    3: i have dvd jukebox sd slots and connector part for being able to play my music via aux in glovebox.. is there a connection that can make car fully equipped bluetooth wise instead of the short cable to glove box and to stop me from touching phone.. ?

    Sorry if it dont make sense but it seems my car either have fallen a couple things short to being perfect or its just needing to be updated or something…

    Oh i may aswell ask about reversing Camerasare they able to be fitted i have the sensors but not the cam..

    Thanks and once again sorry for the questions.

  • Hi Mr fix it
    I have a 2014 Audi a1 se tdi it has telephone
    Button when I press it it says telephone not installed is there anything I can do to get Bluetooth working thanks

  • I’m looking to enable Night Vision in MMI on A6 but not able to find in this list. Does it need new firmware to get it listed?

  • Any ideas….I just fitted new Audi rear seat dvds to a 2013 Q7. Both are working perfectly independently but when I put a DVD in one and try to get it to play on the 2nd one nothing happens, blue screen and no signal appearing written on the screen, any ideas how to fix

  • hy.I’ve a got a problem my audi a6 c7 2014, my erorr is 03157.how can I delete it?tanks

  • Hello Mr Fix,

    I have got an Audi A5 (2012) and I can not enter to the green menu pushing at same time CAR and SETUP, is like to be disable.
    What can I do?

    One more thing, how can I update the firmware. Is the first time that I am trying to work with Audi and I do not know nothing about it.

    Thanks in advance

  • My 2010 S5 has the issue – seemingly common with MMI units built around that time – where the display screen shuts off above a certain ambient temperature. Audi forums indicate the root issue is software related, but provide no further details. Local Audi dealer was clueless. The parameter “FOT temperature” under the environment and ru menus looked interesting as a potential solution to this issue, but they (as far as I’m able to tell) simply display values, and are not adjustable parameters. Bottom line, are you familiar with this issue, and is there a way to fix it, either through VCDS or the hidden menus?

  • I have a bluetooth issue with my mmi on my 2014 a7. It will not find m iPhone 7 and any updates though sd cards and cd are not recognized. It will not factory reset and has about 30-40 bonded devices that can not be deleted. any suggestions?

  • Hello,
    thanks for list of green menu!
    Please I have one question about wipers.
    I would like to disable “after-wipe of windscreen wipers when windscreen washer has been used.”
    I know that it is possible by VAG. But I do not have it.
    Is it also possible to disable it by green menu? I saw few times option WIPER but I dont know how to use it and what it means.
    Thansk for answer audi friend!

  • Hallo mr. fix, I would like to play the music of my smatphone andorid (and video too, if it were possible) on the MMI 3G of my AUDI A5 (2010), via bluetooth.
    How can I do?
    Thanks a lot

  • I update me rns850 vw 7p with software 1023 and hn+eu-vw p0823.
    now when I push media is loading all day.in setting/media I have tv function (me car don’t have tv install) cd/st card/dvd is missing.:(

  • Hi

    First of all thanks for your contribution to the community!
    I have an issue with my (retrofitted) MMI3G+… The “Parking Aid” menu is grayed out and I can’t get it to show. It’s probably worth mentioning that I just retrofitted the buzzer & button to activate the graphic displayed for the rear (only) PDC.
    Any idea of what has to be done to activate the “Parking Aid” menu (either in VCDS or the green menu)?

    • I believe that you should do it though coding of the [10 – Steer Assist] module. I might be wrong, so please check before making any changes:
      [10 – Steer Assist], [16 – Security Access], code: 71679, [07 – Coding], Byte 0, Bite 4, new value: 1

  • Hi Mr Fix, in the green menu, what’s the numbering identify? For example, battery by default is staying at no.5. What if I increase or decrease? Thank you Mr Fix. Very much appreciated.

  • Hi there! What is cardevicelist – Auxiliary heating and how it’s helpful(This is not related to WEBASTO, right?

  • Thanks for the info on the Hidden Menu. I have a U.S. 2014 B8.5 S4 that I would like to change the comfort cycle on from 3 to 4 blinks. I have looked in the Central Electrics Module(09) but I have not been successful in finding the correct BYTE or BIT to enable this functionality. I am certain it is somewhere in this module but either it needs to be enabled on a certain BYTE on a certain Bit or maybe in the “MMI” via the hidden Menu. If you have any information/experience on resolving this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  • Hi,
    All the information we got here!!! It’s amazing!!! Thanks!
    I had made some change in my menu, and I lost the automatic engine start function. Now I have to press the start button or the key in switch, until the engine had start . I cannot only press once…
    could you please help me?

  • Hi. I can’t change my FM station, in Sirius I can scroll and change stations butt in FM it’s still stuck.

    Can u help. Thx

  • Hi Mr-Fix,

    Could you guide me on how to enable “Heads up Display” in MMI 3g plus green screen menue

  • Hi Mr-Fix,

    Could you guide me on how to enable “Heads up Display” in MMI 3g plus green screen menu

  • Hi,

    I have a 2014 A4 2.0tdi quattro, (MMI 3G+) however now in the MMI settings screen for the A/C all settings are greyed out and cant be changed and not sire what i may have knocked to cause this?

    Can you tell me where in the green menu to look to re-activate them? Or what the “number” the settings should be set to etc,

    Can send pics of what is displayed on mmi screen and what is shown on green menu car settings etc if easier?

  • I have an issue with volume mute after a longer period of time. If I mute the volume before turning off the car and start it right away. The radio is still muted but if the car sits turned off for more than 3-4 hours when started the radio is not muted anymore. Is there anything I can do?

  • I have an issue with volume mute after a longer period of time. If I mute the volume before turning off the car and start it right away. The radio is still muted but if the car sits turned off for more than 3-4 hours when started the radio is not muted anymore. Is there anything I can do?

  • Hi mr fix,

    I was using carista app to turn on hidden green on my Audi A4 b8 2010 ,

    I’ve notice my horn isn’t working. I tried all fuses and they were fine. Can u help me to get my horn back please. Thanks

  • Somehow in my 2014 Q7 TDI I have disabled my Service Interval and my Tire Pressure Reset in trying to understand the various settings.

    They show up on the menu, but are greyed-out.

    Can you help me understand the 3 different places each item shows up:

    The various options for each item under carprotocolswitch and carmenuoption just don’t make sense to me.


  • Hi Mr. Fix and thank you for making this information available.

    I have a Q3 8U with a basic RMC radio, but the ‘car’ entry is completely missing from the green menu.
    Do you happen to know if it can be enabled? I would like to turn on RDK, but there is no ‘car’ menu entry. Thank you for any suggestions.

  • I’m having trouble getting into the green menu. I have a 2018 Audi A6 2.0 premium MMI3G. I press and hold down the Car and Menu hard buttons and the green menu does not come up. Only the Car screen comes up or the Menu screen. Do you have any suggestions?

  • I’m trying to get the right values In green menu to get my back up cam working does any one know what I should change

  • Hi Mr Fix,

    I have an Audi S5 B8.5 2013 and I think MMI 3G+, but I lost my reverse camera and screen. Sensors work but I cannot see.

    Do you know the basic settings to and what to adjust to get it back?

    Any help is appreciated

    Thank you

  • Re. the tweak to enable green menu on VCDS
    5f Adap.10 channel 6 change 0 to 1 test then save DOES NOT work on a 2015 Audi A6 S-line 3ltr quattro
    Now it’s wiped out my sat nav,and Juke box etc and MMI is not detecting the hard drive !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Fix. I have a 2010 Q5. 3.2. Took vehicle to dealer for a recall. And after that my siriusXm disapeared from the Menu. They refused to help. Any idea how I can get it back? Thanks

  • hi can you help me i have 2019 audi q7 with green menu. my service interval menu is grey and says value is null. i have the green menu what nunber should the service interval be set to. range is from 0-31 to choose from? thanks

  • Hi

    Can you activate the sat nav in the green menu on an Audi a1 2012
    I’ve got the activation code

  • Dear,
    i have MMI 3G (audi a5 2013). I cannot choose AUX in my media list and thus want to activate it in the green screen. However, when pushing Car and Menu at the same time (tried everything), the green screen does not want to pop-up. Any idea what the reason can be?

  • Hello, This is a great website. I have an Audi A4, 2.0 TDi, 2009 registration in the UK.
    I always have to press the brake pedal to release the e-handbrake. I do not have the VCDS software. From the hidden menus, is there a away to disable the “press brake pedal” action, so that I can release the e-handbrake without pressing the foot brake first.
    PS – my cruise control doesn’t work either.

  • I have a Audi 2013 a4 ultra sport and my navi wont read were im located and also says 2g on the bottom screen what would i have to do to get this problem fix?? Thank you!!!

  • Hello mrs fix. I have a audi a8 2011 and i have a problem with interior lighting. When I open car settings menu the interior lighting not exits. Thanks

  • I might be looking at wrong videos, but how do you change region code for a MMI 3G (Q7 2012) which has been moved countries. I already have the software but donlt know how to install.

  • I have an Audi Q7 2014 with MMI 3G, my problem is the temperature unit on the climatecontrol. I don’t know how to change it back to Celcius from Fahrenheit.

  • Hello Mr fix it. I have an audi a4 2012 with 3G MMI Japanese import. I would like to increase my FM wavelength band. Is this achievable through the Hidden Menu?

  • Hello,
    I have Audi A7 with MMI 3G+, I don’t have telephone, radio and media tabs in the driver’s information screen between the odometers.
    Is it something I can enable from the green screen?

  • Hi I have an Audu 2013 RS5 I updated the firmware but now my steering buttons such has volume and voice command no longer work.
    Also my mmi no longer show dates and time and I cant update it.please help

  • Hi mr fixit, I have a Q5 on a 60 plate TFSI Quattro, it doesn’t come with a power opening rear door, is there anyway to enable it

  • Hi Mr Fix
    I have a a4 whit MMI 3g high.
    Sometimes the voice comands dont recognize. I make a reset and it works again. Do you know what can be?

  • Hi,
    Please help me with some information. I have an Audi Q5 2011 and I have some problems with Side Assist. If I press button to activate this option nothing is happens ( the led is not open). From MMI I can adjust the intensity of led from mirrors. On VCDS I don’t have any errors:

    Address 3C: Lane Change Labels: Redir Fail!
    Part No SW: 8R0 907 566 HW: 4L0 907 566 A
    Component: J0769_SWA_MasterH11 0060
    Revision: 00H11000 Serial number: 6PZ 009 014-04
    Coding: 0010109
    Shop #: WSC 40507 002 1048576
    VCID: 7BF542EB3AE5695E5E-802E
    Subsystem 1 – Part No: 8R0 907 568
    Component: J0770_SWA_Slave_H09 0060
    Subsystem 2 – Serial number: 6PZ 009 014-24
    Subsystem 3 – Serial number: 5F02.06.1100H090003CL11185ÿ
    Subsystem 4 – Serial number: L11185ÿ
    No fault code found.

    Is possible to have this option disabled from hidden green menu?

  • hello,
    I have an audi c7 quattro but when i enter green menu diagnose/coding/transmission i get front wheel drive and i am able to change it to quattro. does this really change my drive mode?

  • Hi,
    I have a problem and maybe you can help me, I imported audi a5 with mmi3g to europe and want to change radio state, when i change it in green menu it comes back, any suggestions?

  • I have a 2009 A5 went into the hidden green menu and hit the bootloader and now it is stuck in that and can’t get it to do anything now the screen stays on and drains my battery can u please tell me how i can get it out of bootloader i tried resting it doesn’t work

  • Dear Mr fix,
    i got me a 2011 Audi S5 reimported from USA to germany. I made some usefull changes to the car with the hidden menue. My problem is; The radio reciever uses the american standard odd frequencies so i can not recieve even frequency stations. In the hidden menue i found under “radio – amfm – tunbandinfo” the option “Set to european standard”.
    When i click that the MMI restarts and i can recieve even frequencies. But after turning off ignition the settings turn back to US settings. Can you help????

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