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Audi RNS-E audio aux activation and wiring

Audi RNS-E audio aux source activation is a quick procedure. Your radio navigation system (also called Audi Navigation Plus) can play AUX-IN audio sources (stereo line-in), so you can connect your phone with your cars sound system.

Audi RNS-E audio aux – tools and parts

  • audio cable (minijack, RCA or any other that you can connect to your audio source),
  • 32-pin A/V input connector (part no.: 1J0 972 977 G)
  • 3x repair wire 0.5mm (part no.: 000 979 009)
  • wire stripper
  • wire cutter
  • ratchet crimping tool
  • radio removal keys
  • OBDeleven, VCDS, VAG-COM or other diagnostic interface


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


Audi RNS-E audio aux – wiring

Start with removing the RNS-E unit. There are 4 locks that need to be pressed with radio removal keys in order to eject the unit from the dashboard.
After that check back side of the RNS-E and locate 32-pin connector. It should be located on the upper left side. If you car is not equipped with TV tuner this connector should be unused.

Audi RNS-E 32-pin AV connector

Next connect your audio wire to the 32-pin connector. Use the wire repair kit and connect your wire with the appropriate pins:

  • 22 – left channel
  • 6 – right channel
  • 21 – ground for both channels
Audi RNS-E 32-pin conncetor pinout

Now you can connect the plug to the RNS-E and install the unit back in your cars dashboard.

Audi RNS-E audio aux – OBDeleven, VCDS coding

  1. Connect with module 37 – Navigation.
  2. Choose procedure 07 – Coding.
  3. Read original coding (e.g. 0205115). Write down this number.
  4. Change second to last digit by adding +4 to current value. E.g. 0205155.
  5. Enter and save new coding.
  6. Exit.


From now on when you go to CD/TVSource (or MEDIASource) you will see AUX option. Choose it and your Audi RNS-E will start playing audio directly from your addition audio source.

70 thoughts on “Audi RNS-E audio aux activation and wiring

  • i just installed a rns-e in 2004 a6 c5 from a symphony 2 system. Do I need to code this with vag com? Do you have instructions on this? I also have a message on starting the rns-e that happens randomly. It says check cd rom with Chinese writing above it. When this happens I am unable to operate the rns-e. It will then on its own start working again. What do I do to fix this?

    • Got my Audi A4 (2006) S-Line Audi Navigation Plus scanned (version 660) and changed the second last number by 4, rebooted but there is still no Aux option. Bluetooth 32pin module has been installed & has power (Flashing blue light) The System code was 0301117 so changed to 0301157. This System has a 6 disc cd changer, telephone and navigation installed.
      Please can someone help me get the Aux option to show on this console?!

  • I want to find out if my RNS-E is coded for backup camera. Without VCDS can I find the coding string in the engineering menu? If so any tips on which digit represents the backup cam being enabled?

    • If your RNS-E unit is backup camera ready, channel 004 adaptation value will be 2. In engineering menu you can only check coding (not the adaptation channels) which contains information about sound characteristics and and some additional equipment.

  • Thanks for the reply. We have the RNS-E in a 04 Gallardo and it working, trying to add rev camera with Kufatec module. But VCDS doesn’t work via OBD2 when trying to code at control module 37 so the only option seems to plug it into an Audi or do it on the bench? I guess the other option is to trigger reverse signal and see if the screen goes black. Do you know what pin on the rear of the RNS-E we ground or +12v to make it switch to the camera?

  • I have recently bought an RNS-e for my 2010 audi a3, i have a factory fitted Aux input near my handbrake and, it worked before, but now on the RNS-e it doesn’t give the option of Aux, is it a coding issue? If so who can do it for me apart from main dealer as they wouldn’t even acknowledge my problem! Thanks

    • Yes – it sounds like a coding issue. You can confirm that yourself by entering hidden menu ( AUDI RNS-E, General → Coding). Your coding second to last digit should be 5 or 6 if AUX is fitted. If not you need to recode the RNS-E.

  • Hello, I’m planning to replace the RNS-E unit from My Audi S4 B7 Year 2007 and put an aftermarket Sat Nav Stereo instead (the new unit is compatible with Multi function steering wheal through can bus adapter) So I wanted to know if there will be any coding required after the replacement??? and if so any guides to it? Appreciate your response

    • it all depends on the aftermarket unit but most of the time they are plug-and-play – no coding required.

  • Also this new unit is Bluetooth built in while my car already have OEM Bluetooth however for some reason it does not work, so will there be any issues between the two Bluetooth after installing the new unit knowing that I’m not going to remove the OEM Bluetooth module from my car (it is mounted under the carpet underneath the passenger seat) so difficult to reach to it
    Thanks again

    • Before removing RNS-E you should delete all connections to your phone from it.
      Also you can just pull the fuse for the bluetooth module if there’s some kind of interference.

  • Hello,
    I update firmware on my Audi a4 8e 6b for rear view camera and can`t connect to NAVIGATION after update with vcds? Did the update broken my NAVI ? Update version is 0660. THANKS

    • Last version released for RNS-E was 0650. If you installed version 0660 it is not official software. Someone did modify original software and released it with custom changes. Unofficial updates can damage your RNS-E. Some are even known for doing it on purpose – just so you have to visit workshop that specialize in fixing this issue.
      I recommend performing downgrade to original 0650 software.

  • I recently added a a Dynavin N6 to my ’08 Audi A5. The sound goes into the AUX on the radio, but the AUX is not activated. Can I use something here to activate it?

  • Hello I have 2006 A3 with RNS-E tried to enable Aux, I have plugged wire behind the unit and tried to code through VCDS 12.12 it seems like I was not able to change code, it keep says error 31 my code is rejected. could you help me solve this issue? thank you.

  • If you have satellite radio, the text instructions state to change the second to last digit to 6. The video says 7. Which one should it be?

    • Hello.
      Fixed the instructions. What you really need to do is add 4 to the second to last digit of coding.

  • Hi,
    I’ve got a 2007 TT with the Sat Nav Plus RNS-E. I’ve re-coded as you explained by adding 4 to the second last digit but there is no Aux-In option visible on the CD/TV – Source screen. Is there anything else I could try please?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi I’ve just fitted a Audi navigation plus to my 2012 a3 and fitted ami unit at the same time. My problem is it looks like it’s playing musi from the phone connected to the ami but their is no sound what do I need 2 do?

  • I have a retrofitted 2010 RNSe in an A4 B7 cab with Aux and MFSW installed.
    I’ve iust bought an IMA interface to get a video source, I have disconnected the aux connector and replaced it with the IMA (can I have both connected somehow?).

    I’ve changed the coding from 403754 to 403755 (changed last digit to ‘Tv tuner and MFSW) and it reflects the change in engineering mode, however, the RNSe still shows only AUX in the media sources list and no TV / VIDEO source option. I’ve reset it using radio and setup keys, and even pulled out the power from the back for about a minute but still no change. Can you help?

    Rnse details : HW INDEX : H03
    HU/ Navi SW Version : V574100B

    • 0xxxxx?: Options II
      1 – default
      2 – TV-Tuner
      3 – CD-Changer
      4 – TV-Tuner and CD-Changer
      5 – Multifunction Steering Wheel
      6 – TV-Tuner and Multifunction Steering Wheel
      7 – CD-Changer and Multifunction Steering Wheel
      8 – TV-Tuner, CD-Changer und Multifunction Steering Wheel

      Accoring to this, you have only the MFSW coded.

  • I have tried to updated the Audi code 0301117 to 0301157 Addind +4 for AUX and does not show up. Seems to freeze up the sat nav unit. Some more info it has a TV option on the sat nav and may hav had an analogue tuner in the past. So I removed that and installed the new aux cable and tries chasing the code and freezes up. Also tried to remove the last digit to1 to try and remove the TV option as its not nessasary any more.

    • You have to close the connection to the controller module in VCDS for the unit to become responsive, and then often reboot it by holding RADIO & SETUP for your new config to become visible.

  • Hi i’ have bought this cable (cut) but was not able to connect to module 37 to activate aux in
    is it a cable issue.
    I also entered the RNS E Hidden Menu and i saw that the vim number is not coded but the navigation is working perfectly.

    Do You have any idea?
    Do you recommand a cable that work
    is there any other way to enable aux in

    Thanks for your help and for the great job you do

    • I can only recommend VCDS from Ross-Tech.
      Are you sure that you’re working with original software on your RNS-E?
      Did you mean VIM (video in motion) or VIN (vehicle identification number)?

  • Hi, yes it is original software
    And you are right it is vin the vehicle number that don’t appear.
    The rns e was replaced by audi in 2005

  • Thanks for this information. I have just used VCDS-Lite (unregistered version) to change the soft code from 0419717 to 0419757, and to save the new code. I have not yet inserted new 32 pin connector. I do NOT see Aux as an option. Does this only appear when I insert the connector, or should I expect to see the Aux option now (although obviously it won’t work until connector with correct leads is inserted? By the way, the unit is Mark 1 with SW version 0360 and HW H71, so it’s pretty old. Can SW and HW be updated without Sat Nav update discs (since I’m not interested in using the SatNav)? Thanks for any help, Steve

    • HW (hardware) can not be updated with discs. Only SW (software). Most recent is 0650. Perform update and check again if AUX is available.

  • i have a 2008 a4 quattro s line with rns e but its the version without tv. it has the factory iPod connection port in the glovebox installed. can i just change coding and use the iPod connection or do i have to add a separate aux fitment for this to work?

  • Hi and thanks for excellent write-up.
    I have wired up the new AUX-interface to my RNS-E in my Audi S6 2001-mod.
    From the DIY I the last part of this setup is enabling AUX-in by using VCDS to re-code.

    While the free version of VCDS-Lite 1.2 I have allows me to go into 37-Nav, then Re-code.
    I can now enter the new software coding, which I understand would enable this input.
    I change the 2nd last digit +4 (in my case from 5 to 9)
    But while it all seems ok, the software does not save the changes when I press “Do it!”
    It just goes back to what it was (5) without any message.

    Any idea what may cause this?

  • Thanks, I have been in touch with Ross-Tech,
    and coding functionality is not restricted in the free version of VCDS-Lite.
    So there must be something else going on.

  • Hi there. I have a 2006 B7 RS4 with RSNE which came as standard. I wanted AUX so bought cable and connected. Coded using VCDS exactly as your video. The coding was accepted and the scan confirms the 1 is now a 5 in the navigation code. So all went to plan except AUX is not an option (only get CD and MP3). I have rebooted the RSNE a number of times but no change. Any ideas?

  • Hi! I have done the coding for my rns-e, but still i can’t see that AUX menu. I wonder that should i update the firmware? current is something like 3xx.
    Thank you!

  • Do we need pin code after instal software 0650.My RNS-e runing on 0550.Is it nesesery to reinstal on 0650.Its A3 sportback 2006,have CD/TV buton.

  • Great write up. I can’t seem to make it work though. My original code is 0509314. Nothing It seems to take the new code when i do it but the aux won’t show up. I dont have the aux cable yet but wanted to try the coding. But I do have the factory tv tuner plugged into that plug. on the back. Do you think that is affecting it?

  • Hi
    I am trying to fit rnse into my a4 b7 it came with a wire harness which is diferrent to the one in the car it will fit the head unit but connections 8n the other end wont fit the car connections. I can connect original car harness but this is wired different head unit still works but its not correct as vagcom cant pick the head unit up to recode for aux any thoughts do I need this extra harness? Tia

  • Hi,

    I have retrofitted an rnse into an 11 plate a3.
    when i press cd/tv the AUX option is there and says active when i select it however no music plays. does the wiring still require changing as well as coding?

    also if wire change is needed, is there any additional wire change required for the bose system?


  • Hello Mr. Fix It,
    Thanks for a great site.
    Just one question. I have an AMI unit in the glovebox (currently not connected) AND the AUX-in (next to the handbrake) and i would like both input sources visible on the RNS-E, what would i need to set the 2nd to last digit to? I’m confused because it says:
    +1 for [something, I can’t remember],
    +2 for AMI
    +4 for AUX-in

    Thanks in advance

  • I just did the aux in mod on my 2006 A3 with RNS-E with Navigation, SAT, Phone and I have an issue with it.
    What I did :
    Recoded VAG in the RADIO coding to show xxxxx6x for AUX and SAT radio. Should I have used the AUX only option which is xxxxx5x ?
    Hooked up my 32 pin connector which has Left audio to pin 22, right audio to pin 6 and ground to pin 21 to a radio shack 3.5mm audio jack, RS part number 274-0249.
    The head unit recognises AUX in and now displays it as a source option.
    When I connect a source to it (ipod) using a 3.5mm audio cable I get sound to front and rear but only on the left side. If I use the fader to the right there’s no sound at all.
    The 32 pin connector is a new addition to my setup, for this purpose only. Before adding the AUX in there was no connector on the head unit, just the socket with the pins.
    I read somewhere that I might have to recode VAG under the Navigation coding, thoughts anyone ?
    Could I have a fried pin 6 in the head unit which supplies right channel audio from the 32 pin connector?
    Faulty audio jack ? How could I test it ?

    Sorry, bit of a noob when it comes to electronics, I know my way around a bit but this has me stumped. I also checked all my connections from the back of the audio jack down to the 32 pin connector for continuity to make sure my soldering was good, all ok.

    Any suggestions ?

  • So, feel a bit dumb now.
    I kept trying to get this to work and eventually noticed that when I was pushing the plug into the back of the head unit the #6 plug was being pushed back into the 32 pin connector meaning the plug was not pushing onto the #6 pin on the radio…..these things are tiny, it was dark….that’s my excuse.
    It’s working now.

  • Hi I have fitted a new RNS-E headunit in my Audi A3 (I do not know what the original unit was it has a cheap Chinese Satnav.
    I have fitted a Dension Gateway PRO BT unti for bluetooth functions, and I am told this connects to the headunit through the CD multichanger inputs.
    How do I activate/ what is the VCDS code to recognise CD multichanger?
    I have worked out it is through Module 37 and 07 coding but i do not know the specific code.

    Can you advise

  • Hi ! I’m Jonh and I have RNS-E in one A4 b7 and I buy one Bluetooth with connection 32 pin ! But I don’t have uncoded Aux! The new vag com 17.1 will do this?

  • Hi,
    I’ve got a 2007 A4B7 with the Sat Nav Plus RNS-E. I’ve re-coded as you explained by adding 4 to the second last digit but there is no Aux-In option visible on the CD/TV – Source screen. Code is accepted I have tried reboot and is now 301157 last digit is 7 but I do not think I have a cd changer.. tried 5 as well but no Aux-in appears. Could it be the SW version? (0550)

  • Hello
    I have some question about setting aux option
    I bought aux cable from ebay and I drive my car to Audi service, and they couldn’t do that.
    They said, the possible reason is becouse they don’t use this diagnostic program, they use original. (what do you think about that). And when they enter in coding there was only 6 numbers, not like in video 7 numbers (is that problem or I need to change just second to last digit number with +4 even in this case with 6 numbers code) .
    I will drive car somebody who use this VAG COM program and try again.

  • dear all, thanks in advance fr yr support in this issue, so, i buyed a used car audi a3 2010 year.. it was installed AUDI CHORUS system radio with AUX already installed near the handbreake…
    now i have installed the AUDI NAVIGATION PLUS but works only the bluetooth for speak by tel but not for media files music…. can you help me to understand what i have to do to use AUX ?
    thanks again and regards

  • I am very confused. I have rnse software 0650 but no aux option on my sat nav. There is nothing in the 32 pin connection but there is a genuine Audi Ipod cable with unit connected to the main part of the unit. Is this working through a different channel other than aux? If so I cant seem to find it.

    If I want aux and to use the 32 pin connector, I take it the system needs coded 1st by vag com.

  • So I had a problem when it came to coding, I have a 2006 Audi A3 with Audi navigation plus RNS-E and when I change the code it gives me an error saying “it’s not in range” any ideas why this is happening

  • Hi there i have a 2010 audi s5 B8 i tried to acces the green menu but holding the 2 buttons does not change any thing please HELP i just want to listen to my music with my IPhone but imust be doing something wrong

  • Hello, I have rececntly fitted the aux input to my rs4 b7, can anyone point me in the right direction of what cable and software to use to code in aux on the head unit? Where to buy? Thanks

  • Hi there. Great article. Very helpful.
    Quick question. Can you also wire a Bluetooth module to the same pins (resulting in two wires coming from each of the 3 pins used in the 32 pin connector), and have the option of wired aux AND Bluetooth aux? (Obv. Only one input being used at any time) Or will this confuse the RNS-E?

  • Hello! I want to crear the Aux In in my Rns-e but after giving in the 37 in the vcds the PC says Steuergerät antwortet nicht…. the ecu doesnt responde… What can i do now???

  • I cant enter in Chanel 37…it fails and says Server Dienst respond… what should i do!?! Please help me!!

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