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Audi MMI welcome screen change (boot logo 2G, 3G)

Audi Multi Media Interface – Audi MMI welcome screen (2G and 3G) can be customized for version of your car. There are few options of boot logo to choose: standard MMI logo, S-line, S-model (e.g. S4 or S6) and RS-model (e.g. RS4 or RS6).

Audi MMI welcome screen - MMI 3G boot logo


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


Audi MMI welcome screen 2G – procedure

  1. Turn key into II position and wait for the MMI 2G system to start. You can also use keyless buttons.
  2. Press and hold buttons SETUP and CAR.
  3. After couple of seconds hidden green menu will appear. You can now release the buttons.
  5. Choose one of 5 options available.
    • 0 – standard MMI screen
    • 1 – Audi S6 logo
    • 2 – Audi S5 logo
    • 3 – Audi RS6 logo
    • 4 – Audi RS logo
  6. Navigate to Accept Changes. MMI 2G will restart.

Audi MMI welcome screen 3G – procedure

  1. Turn key into II position and wait for the MMI 3G system to start. You can also use keyless buttons.
  2. Press and hold buttons SETUP and CAR.
  3. After couple of seconds hidden green menu will appear. You can now release the buttons.
  4. Navigate to carcarcodingvehicleconfiguration line.
  5. Choose one of 5 options available.
  6. Navigate to Update Splashscreen.
  7. Press RETURN and CAR buttons at the same time to exit hidden green menu.

Changes will be visible next time you turn on MMI 3G system. You can do that immediately by pressing system reset key combination. Check the article Audi MMI force restart (2G, 3G, 3G+).

Audi MMI 3G S-model startup screen logo

27 thoughts on “Audi MMI welcome screen change (boot logo 2G, 3G)

  • Hi, My audi q5 is in italian. I want to change the language in english. It keeps asking me for languages cd to load the spoken cues.
    Where can I find it or download it or fix it.
    Thanks for helping

  • Hi, I followed this procedure by enabling the green screen. Problem is I don’t have the “Update Splashscreen(According car line)” visible on the screen; therefore, it doesn’t take my change into account. I have MMI 3g plus

  • I have 2009 Audi q7 it had a navigation button but I press it screen show that it is not install or some thing like that, do I have to buy some to use gps or I don’t have in my suv and screen is not touch scree eighter. Please advise me what do do to use gps and unable touch scree. If it is possible. Thank

    • On MMI 2G – no.
      On MMI 3G – yes.
      Next time that I have access to Audi with the MMI 3G system, I’ll try to cover this.

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  • Like others have reported, “no update splash screen” option, 2014 A4 S Line. Any other suggestions as how to get system to accept changes?

    • I didn’t experienced this issue my self so I can only guess:
      1. Please check if you have your ignition on, or just turned on the MMI with the volume knob.
      2. Please set the splash screen to desired, then use RETURN to navigate to top destination of hidden menu, then press and hold RETURN and CAR to exit hidden menu, then reset MMI with three buttons combination.

    • Hi & thanks for the suggestion. Updating via ignition being on.
      Followed your suggestions of using back, return button & return + Car to exit, 3 button reset.

      Still showing A4 welcome screen lol.

    • Browsing around the internet I found that couple of cars have the same issues.
      If I ever find out how to go around this problem I’ll post it here.

    • That would be very appreciated if you found out how to update the splashscreen on the 2015 model A4, B8.5.

  • Having tried this, I can get to change splash screen, but there is no “Update Splash screen” option on my 2014 A4 Avant S Line.

    Any suggestions as how to get the system to accept the change over?

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  • Any chance you can verify the steps involved in uploading a custom splash screen on a 3G MMI?

    I got the following from another site and was looking for something a bit “clearer” and it involves running a script:
    Some useful operations on the MMI can execute using scripts that are run from the SD card. The author of the scripts is DUK63 from the Russian forum club-q5.ru, dostosowałem them only to our terms and conditions (Polish descriptions and separate versions for the resolution of Basic and High/3 g +).

    The scripts are run identically regardless of the version, all the information will also be displayed on the screen.
    1. Download the required archive and unpack it to a blank SD card formatted as FAT32, everything must be found in the root directory of the card
    2 start the MMI (insert the key or the engine, it’s important that MMI like uruchmiło)
    3. We are waiting for 3 minutes to MMI completely launched
    4. Insert SD card into slot
    5. You should see the Welcome screen
    6. Press any button , for example. in the knob
    7. Wait a moment, when the script finishes we will becoming a message telling you how to reset the MMI
    8. Press any button. in knob
    9. Wait for about a minute and then pull out the card from the slot
    10. Reset the MMI (Setup + button in the upper-right + down next to the knob)

    • Hi! I saw that tutorials earlier but I’m don’t want to risk someones else car with this questionable procedure. Sorry, no experience with custom splash screen.

  • My software is a “sw0650″ is there any way to change to stay screen or does it have to be only on a Alster version

    Audi A4 cab, 2.0 TDI S-Line”

    Kind regards

    • Are you sure that you have MMI system? Not RNS-E? What year is your Audi A4? Is it B7 or B8 model?

  • Sorry just found out it’s a RNS-E system, but when it boots it says on screen mmi :S

  • Hi, sorry for my english, I have an audi a8 (4H) and I want change the screen A8 to S8 but i have not the set up button. Is possible change? Thank you for your answer.

  • Hello can you help me please…i have audi a6 4G 7C 2013 and MMI 3G and on left corner green menu its wroten EM 1.1e RMC. I want to change display logo splash screen. And than i go to find option CAR but it is not in green menu . How can i change logo to S6 ??? Or it doesent go?

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