Ford, MK4 (2007-2014), Mondeo

Disable seat belt chime Ford Mondeo MK4

You can disable seat belt chime Ford Mondeo MK4 easily, so you don’t hear the reminder when your seat belt is unbuckled. To deactivate this safety feature you don’t need diagnostic interface or special tools. Just follow this tutorial and turn off seat belt reminder yourself. To activate this safety warning repeat the procedure.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.


  1. Pull up the handbrake.
  2. Set your gearbox to neutral or park.
  3. Put key in ignition, position 0.
  4. Make sure that all doors are closed.
  5. Make sure that drivers seat belt is unbuckled.

Disable seat belt chime Ford Mondeo MK4

  1. Turn the key to position II and wait for the seat belt indicator to turn off.
  2. Buckle and unbuckle drivers seat belt 9 times.
  3. Seat belt reminder indicator will flash few times to confirm that setting has been changed.
  4. Repeat this procedure to enable seat belt warning chime.

You cars configuration is stored in GEM module and normally you can change settings with diagnostic interface like WDS or IDS. But some settings can be adjusted without diagnostic tools, simply by a correct button combination.

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  • This was great tip. Only problem is that it didnt last for long. At next day seat belt chime was working again. My seat belt sensor is somehow broken, it makes the warning sound even belt is buckled.

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