Ford, MK4 (2007-2014), Mondeo

Ford Mondeo MK4 selective unlocking

Activating in your Ford Mondeo MK4 selective unlocking will increase your, passengers and baggage safety. This feature will cause that when you open your car, driver door will unlock first. Second press of the UNLOCK button on the key fob will unlock rest of the doors and the trunk.


Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Ford Mondeo MK4 selective unlocking – procedure

  1. Stand close to the car to make sure that remote is in range.
  2. Press and hold both LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the remote. After couple seconds hazard lights will come on and off to confirm the procedure.
  3. Release the buttons.
  4. Lock the car using the remote.
  5. Press UNLOCK button once. Drivers door should unlock, leaving rest of the doors and the trunk locked.
  6. Second press will unlock rest of the doors and the trunk.

Repeat the procedure to disable this feature.

This procedure is proved work in other Ford cars.

4 thoughts on “Ford Mondeo MK4 selective unlocking

  • Hello. How to enable the inclusion of parking lights then car is open? This option is programing ? And my mirrors don’t closed then car is locked? That can I need that this function is job? Thank you and sorry my bad English!

  • Thanks very handy tip after all I am trying to find out what the DTC#1F00616 fault code is and how do I reset the hidden diagnostics…

  • Just bought another mondeo estate. It has key fob locking but i cant get it to lock on either fob. The blades are also missing from the fobs so that dosent help in manual locking. There is a fault coming up on the display showing all doors tailgate and bonnet open. The handbrake warning light is also on but the brake is not holding . The key batteries appear to be OK as the lights flash when i use the fobs. The mirrors also did close but have now stopped. Yesterday the doors were locked but would not unlock. I DID MANAGE TO UNLOCK THE DOORS NOT SURE HOW THOUGH. aNY HELP PLEASE

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