Fiesta, Ford, MK7 (2008-)

Ford Fiesta MK7 GEM test

Ford Fiesta MK7 GEM test for troubleshooting communication issues with comfort module in your car. Check if buttons work correctly and all signals are going through your car systems. Test individual components and buttons.


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Ford Fiesta MK7 GEM test

  1. Press and hold rear window defrost button.
  2. Turn key to II position. If you’re using keyless system, press the START button without pressing clutch and brake pedals.
  3. Release the button after few seconds. You should hear confirmation sound. This means that Ford Fiesta MK7 GEM test mode is now active.
  4. Press buttons on the dashboard and check for hazard lights and sound confirmation.
  5. Turn the ignition off. Ford Fiesta MK7 GEM test mode will automatically end if there’s no activity for 20 seconds.

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  • Good day I have a 2013 ford fiesta 1.4 the hazard lights do not activate when I arm and disarm on remote so I always have to check if doors are locked or not please can somebody give me advice how to fix this problem

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