C-Max, Focus, Ford, MK1 (2003-2010), MK2 (2004-2011)

Ford Focus MK2 C-Max hidden menu

Ford Focus MK2 C-Max hidden menu gives you access to diagnostic and service tests of instrument cluster like performing needle sweep, LED test, DTC readout, speed and RPM digital gauge and other useful positions. Those information can be really helpful while troubleshooting issues with engine and instruments.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Ford Focus MK2 C-Max hidden menu procedure

  1. Press and hold reset button on the left stalk.
  2. Turn the ignition on. You can also start the engine. If you have diesel engine in your vehicle, remember to preheat the glow plugs before starting this procedure.
  3. Wait for the TEST message on the LCD screen. When it appears release the button on the left stalk.
  4. To browse the menu use reset button.
  5. To exit the menu press and hold reset button or turn the ignition off.

Ford Focus MK2 C-Max hidden menu description

  1. Needle sweep / gauges test.
  2. LCD segments test.
  3. LED test.
  4. ROM level.
  5. NVM target ROM.
  7. Manufacture start.
  8. Manufactura hours.
  9. DTC – curest diagnostic trouble codes. Check the list below.
  10. Road speed in MPH
  11. Road speed in KM/H
  12. Speedo gauge symbol
  13. Engine speed in RPM
  14. Tacho gauge symbol
  15. Odo roll count
  16. Fuel A/D input
  17. Fuel gauge symbol
  18. Fuel flow readout
  19. Fuel percent level
  20. Engine temperature
  21. Temp gauge symbol
  22. Battery voltage
  23. Dist. to empty tank
  24. Rafe – average fuel consimption in MPG
  25. PATS key flags
  26. A/D input 01
  27. A/D input 02
  28. A/D input 03
  29. A/D input 04
  30. A/D input 05
  31. Port A
  32. Port B
  33. Port E
  34. Port H
  35. Port J
  36. Port K
  37. Port L
  38. Port M
  39. Port P
  40. Port S
  41. Port T
  42. Port U
  43. Port V
  44. Port W
  45. Personality 01
  46. Personality 02
  47. Personality 03
  48. Personality 04

Ford Focus MK2 C-Max hidden menu DTC codes

  • 115A – Low fuel level – limited engine performance
  • 115B – Low fuel level – engine forced to shut down
  • 9202 – Fuel system circuit open (pump, fuel level sensor)
  • 9204 – Fuel system curcuit short to ground
  • 9317 – Battery voltage too high (above 16V)
  • 9318 – Battery voltage too low (below 10V)
  • A286 – MODE button stuck
  • 9359 – Engine starter circuit error
  • A477 – Module configuration error
  • D262 – CAN communication error (missing message)
  • E196 – CAN communication error (engine RPM)
  • E197 – CAN communication error (vehicle speed)
  • E198 – CAN communication error (fuel level)
  • E199 – CAN communication error (coolant temperature)
  • E200 – CAN communication error (odometer)
  • E201 – CAN communication error (ambient temperature)

30 thoughts on “Ford Focus MK2 C-Max hidden menu

  • Hi can anyone tell me if there is a sound setting in the secret menu for the warning chimes of my car I have mk2 ford focus but warning chimes have stopped working

    • There is no setting for warning chime other than disabling the seatbelt chime (with a buckle/unbackle combination – not with hidden menu).
      In hidden menu you can check if the chime is working. Find “Chime” position and listed to the car. If nothing plays you probably need to replace the chime speaker.
      Also check fuses in your car.

    • You can find that in the normal menu … I saw it when finding my way around . Don’t know what the chimes are as mine was already turned off

  • Can anyone tell me what this message means? not on all the time,,,,,,,,,,,Engine Systems Fault? Would doing this test tell me?

  • ’56 plate tdci ghia – any way to initiate alarm set chimes? It beeps when unlocking but not when locking. Also can’t deactivate internal sensors so I can leave dog inside without her setting alarm off – any ideas? Ta

    • I also have a 56 plate tdci ghia. My car has a button on the drivers door just next to the door handle which turns off the internal sensors for the alarm. If you press the button after taking the keys out of the ignition a message is displayed on the dashboard to state the internal sensors are deactivated.

    • Mine done that and it was one of the locks . Peplaced bonnet lock ( luckily it needed replacin anyway) and all went back to normal

    • Your reader only checks for DTCs in engine control module. 9318 is stored in instrument cluster module.

  • Hi is there a way of making it so when I the the ignition on the needles sweep like that all the time?

  • Hi. My average fuel consumption resets every time I switch the ignition on. Also, the beep setting resets itself but everything else is ok (odo, trip, etc.)

    Any ideas as to what could cause this?

  • Hi. My average fuel consumption resets every time I switch the ignition on. Also, the beep setting resets itself but everything else is ok (odo, trip, etc.). Also, the display defaults to the odometer rather than displaying the last thing selected.

    Any ideas as to what could cause this?

  • My menu in my 07 focus seems to be in german is there anything i can do or will i bring it to dealer

  • Hi.
    Is there anyway of seeing turbo function from this menu and what am I looking for?

    Kind regards


  • Hello interested me engine temperature in essence what does it measure? Oil or coolant?

  • Hi ! I’ve noticed that the engine’s temperature reaches 135°C, but the gauge report the normal temperature.
    Do you know if this is a problem or it is the real temperature in a particular zone of the engine ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi I have a 55 plate mk2 focus 1.7 ghia I removed the stereo and replaced it with another one and now when I turn the ignition on it takes the dashboard up to a minute for it to realise it’s been turned on and then the dials e.g Speedo,revs,fuel gauge come on

  • Hi.
    Will I be able to find out why my speedo drops to zero and engine starts spluttering and the mileage reads – – – – – after 50mph it gets worse and nearly cuts out. Using this test could I find answers??

  • Hi is there a way of making the needles do a sweep every time you turn the key to start or to position 2? Or is this just a test?

  • Hello i have mk2 09 1.6. locking the car activate hazard lights but when unlocking the lights doesn’t work.
    Do you have any idea why.

  • Hi,
    how to reset the TPMS for ford C max 2014 Hybrid without buying the TPMS tool?

  • Hi, Is there a way of resetting the fuel range meter. (Mk2 1.6si) I replaced my fuel pump and the tank was emptied, but when the new fuel pump was put it, it started by showing the previous readings, now it is no longer in sync.

  • Is there a way to enable the puddle lights..
    All wires are there and connected but no power..
    Everything else works fine, indicators, mirrors etc.. just no puddle lights!!

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