Focus, Ford, MK3 (2010-)

Ford Focus MK3 hidden menu

Ford Focus MK3 hidden menu lets you perform various diagnostic tests: needle sweep, LCD segments, indicators, sound chimes. You can read DTC error codes and view engine live data like speed, RPMs, battery voltage, coolant temperature, fuel level and fuel flow. Accessing instrument cluster hidden service menu is useful when diagnosing faults in your car without access to advanced tools or OBD2 scanners.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Ford Focus MK3 hidden menu – procedure

  1. Press and hold OK button on the steering wheel.
  2. Turn the ignition on. You can also start the car.
  3. Wait for the TEST message on the trip computer display and release the button.
  4. Use arrows to move through the menu.
  5. Turn the ignition off to exit.

Ford Focus MK3 hidden menu – description

  1. Gauge sweep
  2. LCD display test
  3. LED indicators test
  4. Chime test
  5. ECOmode – status of the economy rating function
  6. HW – hardware version
  7. App – software version
  8. NVM EEPROM – non-volatile memory version
  9. Manufacture
  10. DTC – diagnostic trouble codes
  11. Speedo gauge – vehicle speed in km/h and mph
  12. Tacho gauge – engine speed
  13. Odometer
  14. Fuel% – raw fuel love data in HEX
  15. Fuel flow
  16. Engine temp – coolant temperature
  17. Battery – voltage
  18. Dist. to empty – estimated distance to empty tank
  19. AFE – average fuel economy
  20. RAFE – running Average Fuel Economy
  21. AFE Bias – adjustment of the fuel economy calculation (default: 1000).
  22. A/D Input – values from analog and digital inputs.

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  • Why performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to the car? Can you explain? Thks.

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  • Hi ..
    I have questions for Ford focus mk3 2012
    How I can lock door automatic when I drive ..!?
    I wait for your answer ..

  • hello i ve tested the secret menu it works and i found 5 dtc
    i tested the car with tester found 5 dtc and erased them but the test menu is showing again the 5 codes
    how do i erased them

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