Ford, MK3 (2000-2006), Mondeo

Ford Mondeo MK3 hidden menu

In Ford Mondeo MK3 hidden menu you can test instrument cluster gauges (needle sweep), LCDs, LEDs, read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and check values of multiple sensors like: vehicle speed, engine speed, coolant temperature, battery voltage and more.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Ford Mondeo MK3 hidden menu procedure

  1. Press and hold trip reset button on the instrument cluster.
  2. Turn the ignition on.
    You can also start the engine. It’s important to do it with a single key turn. If you have a diesel engine, first preheat your glow plugs.
  3. Wait for the “TEST” message to appear on the display. When you see it, release trip reset button.
  4. Now you can navigate through the Ford Mondeo MK3 hidden menu with trip reset button.
  5. To exit the service menu turn the ignition off or press and hold trip reset button.

Ford Mondeo MK3 hidden menu description

  • GAGE – gauges test (needle sweep)
  • 8888 – LCD segments test
  • bULb – bulbs/LEDs test
  • r_22 – module ROM version
  • E001 – module NVM version
  • dTC – list of DTCs. “NONE” if there’s no DTCs.
  • 000.0 – current speed (MPH)
  • 000.0 – current speed (km/h)
  • ???? – unknown
  • 0000 – engine speed (RPM)
  • 000.t – Wartość nieopisana.
  • F.000 – fuel level sensor signal
  • L.000 – fuel level sensor stable readout (l)
  • 000.F – fuel level sensor stable readout (HEX)
  • 000.C – engine temperature (C)
  • 000.C – collant temperature (C)
  • b000 – battery voltage
  • Ab-L – ABS indicator. Ab-H means indicator on.
  • Eb-L – EBD indicator. Eb-H means indicator on.
  • IL-H – instrument cluster illumination. H – High, L – Low.
  • Cr-H – unknown
  • A-00 – unknown
  • B-09 – unknown
  • C-D1 – unknown
  • D-3B – unknown
  • 0000 – unknown
  • 1255 – unknown
  • 2016 – unknown
  • 3255 – unknown
  • 4000 – unknown
  • 5000 – unknown
  • 6000 – unknown
  • 7000 – unknown
  • P115 – unknown
  • P2FF – unknown
  • P3FF – unknown
  • P4FF – unknown

9 thoughts on “Ford Mondeo MK3 hidden menu

  • Hello I have a mondeo mk3 2.0tdci and I’m putting in lockwood dials in and just wondering if you have to calibrate the gages or how do you reset them thank you

    • there’s no calibration for this. you need to fit needles in correct places.

  • Hello! Nice writing, can you help me with Ford Focus II (2011) A895 dtc code? Can’t find anywhere what does it mean? Cheers!

    • “Trip Computer Mode Switch Circuit Failure”. If the button works as it should, the just ignore this error code.

  • Hi there, I have a duratec he from mk3 mondeo, I have removed the loom and engine and put in another vehicle I am getting a pats problem do you know what modules are needed to run the engine alone I have ecu transponder bcm etc… do I also need fuel pump and abs module and more or not, thanks

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