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Hidden menu BMW navigation MK3 MK4

Hidden menu BMW navigation MK3 MK4 lets you access diagnostic features and check GPS antenna, video module, telephone settings, sensors, display settings and more. This diagnostic mode will help you with troubleshooting electronic issues with car stereo and navigation.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.
This device can be found in BMW cars, also Mini and Range Rover.

Hidden menu BMW navigation MK3 MK4 enter procedure

  1. Turn the device on.
  2. Press MENU button.
  3. Select Set / Config Menu.
  4. Press and hold MENU button until hidden menu appears.
  5. Use right knob to navigate through the menu.

Hidden menu BMW navigation MK3 MK4 description

  • On-board computer
    • Version (hardware and firmware versions)
    • Key function (buttons test, don’t press anything for few seconds to end button test)
    • Contrast (display contrast setting)
  • Navigation / Graphic Element (hardware and firmware versions)
  • Video module
  • GPS
    • GPS version
    • GPS status
    • GPS-Tracking Info
  • Sensor Test (status of GPS receiver, gyroscope, vehicle speed sensor)
  • Telematics settings (car details and mobile carrier settings)
  • Perspective (MK4 only)

One thought on “Hidden menu BMW navigation MK3 MK4

  • Hello. I have a 1997 740 il which has the m62 engine. I have the following codes found using the hidden menu tests with the OBC (ON BOARD COMPUTER) TEST NUMBE5 14. TQHIS IQSCWHAT SHOWS. FOR “DIAG”
    1 11 C4 160
    2 91 C2 045
    3 83 C2 045
    4 88 C2 057
    5 92 C2 045
    These may be fault codes but I have no idea what codes they are. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I have read everything I could find but no definitive answers.

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