6 (Atenza), I (2002-2007), Mazda

Mazda automatic windows programming

Mazda automatic windows programming is needed after car battery replace. To use this feature you need to program electrical mechanism the window closed position. After that you can open and close windows with single press and central lock remote buttons.


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Mazda automatic windows programming

  1. Turn key to II position.
  2. Open window in drivers door.
  3. Close the window and continue holding button on the door trim for few seconds after window closes. You will hear a really click inside the door.
  4. Repeate previous step for every door.
  5. Turn the ignition off.

13 thoughts on “Mazda automatic windows programming

  • What if it’s the drivers door that won’t go down at all but all other windows work from the main control?

  • It is possible for all versions of mazda 6 2007? in my mazda 6 only drivers door switch can be down or up with one touch but its more mechanical (double contact) that electrical.

    • It depends on optional equipment (comfort module if I’m right). Even the oldest Mazda 6 can have this feature.

  • Is this the same process for a 2012 Mazda 3?

    My drivers side front window is down and will not go up. I tried reset process and didn’t work. Battery had been dead, and this has worked before.

    Motor was very hot. Took switch panel off to see motor.

    Any ideas?

  • I tried this process, but drivers window is stuck about three quarters up and does not fully close.

  • The only windows that operates is my drivers side window. Nine of the other windows will go up or down at all. Do u knw wat I can do to fix this problem

  • I went thru a severe thunderstorm but nothing hit the window as it was down dome. I tried putting the driver’s side back passenger side window up and it won’t go up, with either button. Is there a fix for this, all other windows work. It’s a 2015 CX-5

  • My passenger front will go up about 4 inches and go down automatically. I dont hear any clicking noise or anything.

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