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Mazda NB1 hidden menu (TomTom navigation)

Mazda NB1 hidden menu gives access to diagnostic procedures which help with troubleshooting system errors. Perform various tests: LCD screen colors, tuner signal strength, individual speaker test, software version, GPS antenna, touch screen calibration, rear view camera and more.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Mazda NB1 hidden menu

  1. Turn key to II position or double press START/STOP button without pressing brake or clutch.
  2. Wait for the NB1 system to start. Make sure that radio is on. Mazda NB1 hidden menu will not appear on the screen if radio is off.
  3. Press both POWER and SEEK ▶▶ button. NB1 hidden menu will appear on the screen immediately.
  4. Type in test code and press ENTER on the touch screen.
  5. Press POWER to exit test.
  6. Press POWER again to exit NB1 hidden menu and turn off the device.

Mazda NB1 hidden menu diagnostic tests

  • 01 – Screen test (tap to change modes)
  • 02 – Check SW
  • 03 – Speakers test
  • 04 – Tuner signal strength
  • 05 – Radio antenna status
  • 06 – Maker Code
  • 07 – Amplifier test
  • 09 – Tuner seek test
  • 10 – Software version
  • 11 – CD test
  • 14 – Rotary controls test
  • 15 – Navigation & vehicle signals test
  • 16 – Connect Info Clear
  • 17 – View Configuration
  • 20 – Modem setting for TomTom Live services
  • 37 – HF ACU connection
  • 38 – HF soft version
  • 81 – Software update
  • 83 – Touch screen calibration
  • 84 – BD address
  • 85 – Register edit
  • 88 – Check SW info
  • 89 – BER (bit error rate) test
  • 92 – RVC (rear view camera) test

3 thoughts on “Mazda NB1 hidden menu (TomTom navigation)

  • Hi, i have problem with install reverse camera on original tom tom navi in my 2014 mazda 6 . I look at hidden menu in channel 92 . View is ok in test menu but navi cant switch to the camera when you put reverse . Can you help me ? Which wire can set on ? Sorry for my bad english thanks for your reply have a nice day

  • Do you know where I can get the software update for the Tom Tom under #81? The Bluetooth and usb take forever to connect. I’m assuming it’s a firmware issue.

  • There’s actually another menu but it’s tricky to get.. if you hit power and setup at the right time after first start up.. you can enter another diagnostic menu called “error record” and you can read faults out of the device.
    There’s then a choice of
    “AVC Error Record”: which for me contained 6 instances of the same fault:
    Device 10 :Error 7
    “HF error record”: which for me contains the following 5 items with a current status and detail button.
    MIC Short
    Self Test

    This was on a CX9 variant – with SW 06.00.000

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