E-Class, Mercedes, W211 (2002-2009)

Mercedes W211 service reminder reset

Perform Mercedes W211 service reminder reset without diagnostic interface after changing oil and filters, inspecting your vehicle and performing other maintenance operations. You can clear the reminder indicator or message yourself with Mercedes E-Class hidden menu.


Performing this procedure may cause permanent damage to your car.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Mercedes W211 service reminder reset procedure

  1. Close the door.
  2. Turn the ignition on.
  3. Use buttons on the steering wheel to navigate to service reminder (Service A, or Service B).
  4. Press and hold trip reset button (In newer cars you need to press the button 3 times).
  5. Release when SERVICE MENU appears.
  6. To reset oil change reminder navigate to CONFIRMATION → CONFIRM → STANDARD OIL.
  7. For other reminders go to SPECIAL WORK and select SERVICE 1, EXH.-GAS ANALYSIS or GENERAL INSPECTION then set new due date.
  8. Then navigate to CONFIRM DEADLINE to accept new date for selected reminder.
  9. Turn the ignition off.

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    • If you set a different oil grade than applied to the engine, next maintenance message might show late (after your engine oil is used and should be changed). In long term this means that your engine is not lubricated correctly.

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