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Skoda VW Climatronic calibration and self-test

How to perform Skoda VW Climatronic calibration and self-test to fix air flaps issues. Thanks to this procedure Climatronic will recalibrate air vent flaps maximum positions. This simple procedure can help you with issues like: clicking under the dashboard, hot or cold air stuck on either side.


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Skoda VW Climatronic calibration procedure

  1. Turn on the Climatronic system. You can start the car or just turn key into II position.
  2. Press both buttons front vent and ECON (or front vent and AC) on the Climatronic panel. LCD screens will turn on all segments and the calibration procedure will begin.
  3. While the test is running you will head vent flaps moving under the dashboard, fan blowing with maximum speed.
  4. Calibration will take about 30 seconds. When it’s done Climatronic will go back to normal operation mode.

9 thoughts on “Skoda VW Climatronic calibration and self-test

  • the thermo temp C does not seem to start without the engine running in my VW T5, just cool air coming out. (fan works). no clicking sound from under the bus, no exhaust from the small exhaust pipe. read somewhere u can reset the unit by removing a 25amp fuse and replacing , but I cant find the fuse. Any ideas ? help?
    cheers Peter

    • if you’re not sure which fuse to remove, you can always disconnect the battery for couple minutes.

  • Hi. If I do this on my Golf 5 the test never ends. Even after the 30s mark, it continues. I have to manually stop it. Do you know why this happens? Thanks.

    • Hi. It’s best if you run full diagnostic with VCDS to see what’s wrong with your HVAC.

  • Hi! I ‘ve got a problem with front air flap motor of Superb II because when I turn on the blower and change the flap to footwell vent I feel nothing under the dash. By the way the air comes from front and windshield correctly. Tested on VCDS and got this message:
    9474418 – Motor for Front Air Distribution Flap
    B1091 54 [009] – Missing Calibration / Basic Setting
    Confirmed – Tested Since Memory Clear

    OK, I calibrated it both manually and with VCDS (basic settings in controller) but after auto-scan this fault comes up everytime. During calibration it seems everything’s OK and finishes correctly but the result is the same. :( Can you help me? Should I take the flap motor out?

    • Most likely you have mechanical fault. Servo motor can be damaged, gears grinder or there’s something stuck in the flap.

  • Hi I have a working fan but nothing coming out of any vent. I have tried the reset on my Mk5 climatronic. My car has been sitting for about 6 months and last time I ran it a month ago a few settings wouldn’t allow air out of vents, but this month no setting works!

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