Volvo reset service reminder indicator

C30, C70, I (1995-2004), I (1995-2004), I (1996-2000), I (1997-2005), I (1998-2006), I (2000 - 2009), I (2002-2014), II (1999-2007), II (2004-2012), II (2005-2009), II (2006-), II (2010-), II (2012-), III (2007-), S40, S60, S80, V40, V50, V60, V70/XC70, Volvo, XC60, XC90

Most modern Volvo reset service reminder procedure looks the same. After changing oil, filters and inspecting safety systems in your Volvo, you can easily reset service reminder indicator or message with a simple button combination.

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