Focus, Ford, MK1 (1998-2004)

Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu

Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu (test mode) gives you access to various sensors readouts, tests and DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes). You can easily access such data as coolant and oil temperature, speed in mph and km/h, engine RPMs. Also test gauges (needle sweep) and indicator bulbs/LEDs.


This procedure will reset you trip odometer to 0.
Do this at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu – procedure

  1. Press and hold trip reset button on instrument cluster.
  2. Turn the key into II position.
    You can also start the engine. It’s important to do it quickly. If you have diesel engine, you need to preheat glow plugs.
  3. Wait for the “TEST” message on the odometer and release the trip reset button.
  4. Use trip reset button (single press) to browse the Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu (test mode).
  5. To exit the menu, turn the key to position 0.

Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu – tests and readouts

  1. GAGE – Gauses test.
  2. 8888 – LCD test.
  3. bULb – Indicator bulbs/LEDs test.
  4. r_22 – ROM version.
  5. E001 – NVM version.
  6. dTC – DTC codes list. If “none” is displayed, then there are no codes stored.
  7. 000.0 – Speed in MPH.
  8. 000.0 – Speed in km/h.
  9. ???? – ???
  10. 0000 – Engine RPM.
  11. 000.t – ???
  12. F.000 – Fuel level signal.
  13. L.000 – Stable fuel level readout.
  14. 000.F – Stable fuel level readout in HEX.
  15. 000.C – Engine temperature.
  16. 000.C – Coolant temperature.
  17. b000 – Circuit voltage.
  18. Ab-L – ABS error signal. Ab-H means error.
  19. Eb-L – EBD error signal. Eb-H means error.
  20. IL-H – Illumination signal (high/low).
  21. Cr-H – ???
  22. A-00 – ???
  23. B-09 – ???
  24. C-D1 – ???
  25. D-3B – ???
  26. 0000 – ???
  27. 1255 – ???
  28. 2016 – ???
  29. 3255 – ???
  30. 4000 – ???
  31. 5000 – ???
  32. 6000 – ???
  33. 7000 – ???
  34. P115 – ???
  35. P2FF – ???
  36. P3FF – ???
  37. P4FF – ???

Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu – DTCs

  • 115A – Low fuel level – engine performance reduced.
  • 115B – Low fuel level – engine shutdown.
  • 9202 – Fuel system open elecitrcal circuit (pump, fuel level sensor).
  • 9204 – Fuel system short electrical circuit (pump, fuel level sensor).
  • 9317 – Too high voltage (more than 16V).
  • 9318 – Too low voltage (less than 10V).
  • 9342 – ECU error.
  • 9342 – Trip reset button stuck.
  • 9342 – Trip computer SET button stuck.
  • 9342 – Memory error.
  • A286 – Mode button stuck.
  • 9359 – Engine starter system error.
  • A477 – Communication error.
  • D262 – CAN-BUS communication error.
  • E196 – CAN-BUS communication error – RPM.
  • E197 – CAN-BUS communication error – vehicle speed.
  • E198 – CAN-BUS communication error – fuel level.
  • E199 – CAN-BUS communication error – coolant temperature.
  • E200 – CAN-BUS communication error – odometer data.
  • E201 – CAN-BUS communication error – ambient temperature.

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  • question.I have a focus mk1.5 year 2003 1.4 16V and when i lock the car the ligts come but when i unlock the same lights dont come in.Any sugestion?sorry about my ingles

    • Hi! Many reported that. Apparently this is one of the GEM functions that needs to be activated with diagnostic interface.

  • This is so awesome! I’ve had my focus a year and it just broke down. I had NO IDEA it had this feature until I was looking for ways to diagnose my car. Unfortunately I have to complete a drive cycle though because the battery was changed. Cant wait to get my codes to fix my car.

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  • Hey . Thank you . Great trick . But the temperature of my focus 1.4 16 zetec se is 89 to 94 celsius .
    Thank you .
    Is any more trick for + HP ?

  • hello- thanks for this link

    my car has a suspected overheat problem , can you tell what the ideal coolant and engine temps should be ? and when should the fan turn on?

    • 88-92 on warm engine while driving. It can go as high as 100 but shouldn’t drop below 88-ish.
      You can have thermostat issues, fan issues or even temp. sensor issues.

  • My car is costantly showing glow plug indicator and wont start anymore wat could be the problem

  • is it possible to see the gauge welcome, in every start like the new generation cars,

  • Why does my odometer reading on the hidden menu read more that what it says at the normal dash screen?

  • Hey,
    I just swapped my generator for a used replacement. Replacement has some communication error so the battery warning light is on constantly, but actually it’s charging the battery. I was wondering – does the hidden menu have an option to check the voltage on my battery?

  • Hey! Is it possible to make my ST170 /SVT focus do the needle sweep every time I start up? Thanks!

  • Hi Mr-Fix,
    We have a 2002 Mk1 Ford Focus, and we suspect that the speedo is not reading correctly! It would appear that it is showing a faster speed than we are actually traveling at!?
    Can the speedometer be adjusted or calibrated with these codes?? More over, should we even attempt to do this our selves!?
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi and thanks for this thread. I have an issue with my Ford focus Automatic 2005. While driving all the lights on dashboard displays and it says Engine System Fault, Acceleration reduced RPM gauge goes up and down like crazy. Took it to garage but mechanic doesn’t seem to think it’s electrical issue. Can you help?

  • Hi, i want to save some options. For example i want to save option number 1, GAGE. I want every time when i turn on car to apply this function

  • Hi could u pls send me a pic of where coolant temp sensor is located plz on Ford Focus 1.6 zetec se 2001. Thanks in advance

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