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Volvo DPF check (diesel particle filter)

In you Volvo DPF check will tell you if your car is equipped with diesel particle filter. This device is installed in modern diesel engines to reduce air pollution but can cause issues with engine performance. Volvos with 1.6D, 2.0D, D2, D3, D4, D5 diesel engines were equipped with DPF based on the destination market and current emission restrictions.

There are three ways to check for DPF in your car.


Do this at your own risk!
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Volvo DPF check – hidden menu

  1. Turn the ignition on.
  2. Press and hold READ button on the left stalk.
  3. Double press rear fog light button. You should see hidden menu on the instrument cluster display.
  4. Release the READ button. And use it to browse the menu.
  5. Look for ADM (Additive Dosing Module) on the list in hidden menu. If you don’t have it – your car doesn’t have DPF.

Read more about Volvo hidden menu and DTC check.

Volvo DPF check – VIN

  1. Check you cars VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You can find it on the door sticker, in cars menu, under the hood, in registration documents.
  2. 8th character of VIN is your cars emission code.
    • 3 – Euro3 (no DPF)
    • 4 – Euro4 (depends on production year and destination market)
    • 5 – Euro5 (DPF present)

Volvo DPF check – differential pressure sensor

  1. Open you Volvos hood.
  2. Locate battery on the right side of engine compartment.
  3. Next to the battery you should see little plastic box with two pipes and 3-wire plug. This is a differential pressure sensor and it’s present only in cars with DPF.

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  • Hello.

    My Volvo s40 1.6 diesel is running in “limp” mode or at half power. RPMs will not rise above 3000. I know that there can be a number of issues that can cause this but is there a particular sensor that can be temporarily disconnected to “force” the motor to run at its full capacity? I know that isn’t ideal but I only ask this because I am a bit stuck at the moment needing to pull a trailer and am far from home.

    Hope you can help!

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